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With the release of the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, we finally know why Bruce Wayne has some serious beef with Superman.

As explained by Affleck and Snyder a few days prior to the trailer's release, Batman has taken issue with Superman ever since the latter destroyed parts of Metropolis during his battle with Zod. It seems Wayne not only lost some serious capital in the catastrophe, but may have lost some friends and loved ones too. I guess that would piss you off a bit, right?

However, instead of seeking out grief counseling, Wayne decides the best course of action is to suit up and give Superman a good ol' smack around.

From the looks of the trailer, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will include a flashback scene which takes Wayne back to the Battle of Metropolis. We learn that while Supes and Zod tore up blocks of the city, Batman was helplessly watching down below. Now, Youtuber Long Rangel has edited together clips from Man of Steel and the Batman v Superman trailer to create a single narrative stream that actually works rather well. Check it out below:

Pretty good, right?

This is actually a rather interesting decision by Warner Bros. and Snyder. Firstly, it retroactively creates an interesting new dimension to the scenes in Man of Steel, while it also creates a unified cinematic universe in a slightly more subtle and less clumsy way.

A More Emotional Batman?

The trailer also suggests Batman v Superman will include several flashback scenes which reveal the origins and motivations of Snyder's Batman. Of course, we all know what initially happened to Bruce Wayne to force him to become a vigilante, but I wouldn't be surprised if Snyder has a few surprises up his sleeve concerning Batman.

It really does look like The Watchman director is trying to create a more emotional and flawed Batman than what we've seen in other iterations of the character. The trailer obviously shows the grief he feels watching his employees and friends die, while it also seems like he is still emotional about the potential loss of Robin to The Joker. The culmination of these, and no doubt other features, makes the Ben Affleck Batman seem both more human, and perhaps even more interesting, than a straight up good guy vigilante who can never do wrong.

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