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The cornerstone of western culture is our Christian history. If we look at the way we live we interact with other people, and even the languages we speak, they are all rooted deeply in the christian past. In our quickly developing world and our awesome scientific advancement, we see a large secularisation in our society. Religion is now seen as something negative and dark in everyday situations, which has led to an era where we want to forget our religious past as quickly as possible.

However, many film directors and writers have begun making new more imaginative films using old stories from the Bible, such as Noah and [Exodus: Gods and Kings](tag:44617), both from 2014. Because less people are familiar with stories from the Bible, the film industry is able to turn these stories into amazing movies with large budgets, and take more creative freedom. Should movies like Noah get their own cinematic universe now that the public is more open to new interpretations?

Why Noah should kick off an Old Testament cinematic universe

Is this the start of something new?
Is this the start of something new?

Even though Noah, starring Russel Crowe, Emma Watson and Logan Lerman, was not extremely successful as a film, it turned around the idea of Bible-based films, with Exodus: Gods and Kings, starring Christian Bale, coming out later that year. Noah showed a grittier and darker side to the Bible and the writers and visual development took a lot of creative liberty in creating this film. The most prominent example is probably the fallen angels turned into rock giants, which technically doesn't conflict with Biblical accuracy.

Noah is just amazing story, which was brought to the big screen very well, and in a way that audiences will actually be drawn to it. If we want to make an exciting series of films, it should be about the darker Old Testament. Even though Noah was intended to be a standalone film, I think it is a good foundation for a large cinematic universe based on the Old Testament.

OTCU Films I'd like too see:

I. Abraham: Legacy


The cousins Abraham and Lot lived only a short while after the events in Noah, and they went through a lot (no pun intended). After leaving the cities Sodom and Gamorrah, where they were persecuted and almost killed, Abraham had a son at very old age. I'd love to see Lot and Abraham fighting their way through the crime-ridden streets of Sodom and Gamorrah, and Abrahams experience with his son Isaac. This film should be the second instalment in the OTCU after Noah, because it foreshadows the legacy of Abraham and his descendants.

II. The Fall of Jerusalem


Around 600 BC the King of Babylon named Nebuchadnezzar conquered and destroyed Jerusalem, taking with him captives and training them to be learned or skilled for his household. Some of them were the young hebrews Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego. Some of the stories include Lion pits and burning people alive in furnaces. Not only could that be worked into the film, but also a large battle for Jerusalem at the beginning of the movie.

III. Elijah


This is one I really wanted to mention. This film should be about the life of Elijah, and his constant escapades from King Ahab. The key sequence in this film should be when Elijah reveals himself to Ahab, and tells him to bring all the priests of their god Baal to bring a sacrifice on the mountain. After Elijah told the priests to pray to Baal to rain fire from the sky on their calf to sacrifice, and it doesn't work, Elijah rains fire on his own calf (drenched in water) and on all of the priests.

Honorable Mentions:

Joseph of Egypt

Joseph is Egypt is basically the story of a kid that is sold into slavery and becomes, well, the right hand of Pharaoh. All with the help of some dream interpretations. This would be an awesome Count of Monte-Cristo story that I think would be very entertaining. However the exciting level of this story wouldn't be as high as the others, and that's why it's not on the top three.

An Exodus trilogy

The reason this isn't in the top three is because it would be a lot of work and the story of Moses in Egypt has been done so many times. However an Exodus trilogy would be very cool, with the first instalment being about Moses in Egypt, the second about Moses and the Israelites in the wilderness, and the last about Moses' successor Joshua and the battle for Jericho.

What do you think? Would an old testament cinematic universe be cool? What other stories would be awesome movies? Don't hesitate to comment!


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