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The Witches may have been aimed at children, but this is really a horror film in disguise. Boy did this one fill me with sheer terror when I first watched it (and the times that followed after!). I'm sure you can guess which scene I am talking about. The gruesome scene where the witches are sitting together and transform into their true selves, ripping off their masks and revealing their terrifying features underneath. And don't forget that painting that the witches have locked children in, completely traumatizing for any kid's eyes to see!

Time to reveal what happened to those witches and the rest of the cast from this epic film. And I can assure you that they are definitely not stuck in a painting…or are they?

Jasen Fisher (Luke Eveshim)

Surprisingly, angel faced Jasen almost did not get the part as Luke at his audition. His audition ran very stiff, but luckily for him the casting director saw potential in him and he landed himself the part. Poor little Luke had a whirlwind of a time in The Witches, losing both of his parents in a car crash and then coming face to face with the terrifying witches. You may be surprised that despite being part of the leading cast in Hook, Parenthood and The Witches, Jasen turned his back on acting right after these films. The actor has remained totally modest and very much away from the limelight. I guess this child actor saved himself from all the mishaps that other child actors have experienced. Supposedly he now works as a professional golf caddy and lives in Florida.

Anjelica Huston (The Grand High Witch)

The Grand High Witch really sent shivers down my spine when she disturbingly peeled her face off to reveal her witchy features. It seemed like it was a natural transition for this actress to go on to be cast as the morbidly beautiful Morticia Addams in The Addams Family. Anjelica gave a truly tantalizing performance as Morticia. She has already won over 43 awards for her acting and is definitely not slowing down any time soon. Anjelica has starred in an epic amount of TV shows and a whole array of movies like Daddy Day Care, American Dad and Tinker Bell.

Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Stringer)

I know Rowan Atkinson has taken on a whole variety of acting roles, but after growing up watching Mr. Bean, it is difficult to separate the hilarious Mr. Bean from the actor. Did you know that Rowan is the voice of Zazu in The Lion King? And on an entirely different note, he starred in the TV series Black Adder, and many years later was the main man in the uplifting Johnny English film. Rowan has used his fame for good causes and really has a heart of gold, supporting many charities and foundations like Comic Relief and Children In Need.

Bill Paterson (Mr. Jenkins)

"I don't want Cock A Leekie, I don't like Cock A Leekie, I like Cress."

This is the quote that I will always remember the character by, don't be messing with Mr. Jenkins y'all! You may be pleased to know that Mr. Jenkins is not sitting crying into his bowl of soup. The actor's career is still very much in full force. Bill has been in everything from Spice World to Miss Potter, but the place you will find him most is on television. Bill has starred in Law & Order: UK, Little Dorrit and so many more UK based TV shows!

Brenda Blethyn (Mrs. Jenkins)

Brenda has one of those familiar faces and voices that you just instantly recognize. It all began in the 1970s when she began her career on stage and this hard working actress is not slowing down anytime soon. I LOVED her portrayal of Mrs. Bennett in Pride & Prejudice, as she gave such justice to the character and I am sure Jayne Austen would have been impressed too! Along with dabbling in Hollywood, she has voiced lots of characters in kids shows too, including Pooh's Heffalump Movie

Charlie Potter (Bruno Jenkins)

Charlie left acting really soon after The Witches and took a totally different career path when he grew up. He has grown up to be a fantastic lawyer in London. I nearly fell off my chair with surprise when I read this news.

Jane Horrocks (Miss Irvine)

Jane is one of those actresses who has been a familiar face on screen for years. She was really great in The Witches, but my favorite role she has played is Bubbles in the nostalgic and alcohol infused TV show Absolutely Fabulous. Jane's voice is instantly recognizable and she has been in everything from Chicken Run to the Corpse Bride. This diverse actress' next role may just surprise you! Can you guess what she is doing? *Drumroll* right now she is lending her voice to the Telletubby's... I wish I was joking.


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