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We all know that Disney collectables have a tendency to increase in value, but when it comes to the plushies, they seem to increase in horror as well for good measure.

The plush toys below were once treasured toys, but the harsh passage of time has not been easy on these veterans and now they are more likely to give kids nightmares than a warm, fuzzy glow. The question is, which one would you dare take to bed with you?

13. Dirrty

Xtina might be more famous for her assless chaps, but Mickey wore them better back in the '30s

12. The Wurst

Looks like Donald duck borrowed his wig from a certain namesake.

11. PinnochiNOPE

He better not be a real boy...

10. Snow White and the Seven Valiums

It wasn't a poisoned apple that put her into that perilous slumber.

9. Morguey Mouse

I'm sorry Minnie, it was too late. There was nothing we could do.

8. The Streets Are Ruff, Dawg

Lady and the Tramp's Pedro didn't have the constitution for the thug life of a street dog.

7. Bambi-boozled

The things I've seen, man.

6. So That's How Poohs Are Made!

I'm with the owl to the right of the box on this one...

5. Joe Crackioca

Who knew a Brazilian parrot was capable of being so depressing.

4. Lumpen and the Trash

My great Aunty who collects ornaments that are so ugly she feels sorry for them (no, really) would love these guys. To be fair, I kind of do too.

3. Donkpression Deluxe

I know Eeyore is meant to be depressed, but I swear this thing has the potential to drive children to suicide with those hopeless eyes.

2. Donald Duck: Grievous Bodily Harm Edition

If someone hasn't written a Creepypasta about this one already, they are missing a trick.

1. Murderous Mice

These ones aren't official, but I hope whoever made them is safely locked away in an asylum.

(Source: Ebay)


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