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E3 2015 was saturated with some beautiful little indie games - some of which you need to check out. But one of the most impressive games, with some of the most astounding visuals you can imagine, is actually inspired by American cartoons from the 1930s. Cuphead is one of the most anticipated indie titles coming exclusively for the XBOX One. From its authentic music, nostalgic storyline and intense difficulty, Cuphead is a game with a release date worth waiting for.

But seeing as the game draws from 1930's cartoons and Disney animation in particular, would it be possible to have Square Enix incorporate a world as beautiful as this into Kingdom Hearts 3? I mean, just look at how stunning Studio MDHR's game is!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Needs to Take Inspiration From Cuphead For Characters & Worlds

Kingdom Hearts 2 has an area that is similar in some ways to the art design of Cuphead. Timeless River is a nostalgic tribute to the original Disney cartoons and characters. The whole world is seeped in beautiful black and white and a real treat fro Disney fans. However, Cuphead delves even further into the art design of this time period by incorporating such beautiful colour and even a film grain aesthetic. What's not to love?!

There's so much potential in Kingdom Hearts 3 and we hope that Square Enix have gone to ridiculous lengths to include worlds and characters we're all dying to see. There's only one new Disney world that I want to see in Kingdom Hearts 3 anyway! But what about you guys? Do you think it'd be possible to include another nostalgic world into the Kingdom hearts series?


What Worlds & Characters Do You Want in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Even though the release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 won't be here for quite some time, I can't help but begin to prep myself for the next instalment. I have so many other games to be playing and yet I find myself finishing up Kingdom Hearts HD Remix 1.5 on PS3 at the moment, fully intent on continuing over to Kingdom Hearts HD Remix 2.5. These games are stupidly addictive.

I really don't have many requests when it comes to worlds and characters for Kingdom Hearts. All I really want is to hear modern iterations of that incredible music. Every time I write about Kingdom Hearts I listen to the soundtrack and am transported to a world of nostalgic beauty. Kingdom Hearts 3 can literally not come fast enough for the XBOX One and PS4!

Kingdom Hearts & Star Wars?
Kingdom Hearts & Star Wars?

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