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Hermione's got the brains and can rattle off facts in her sleep. Ron can be a bit of a scaredy cat, but when he steps up to the plate, he manages to bring out his courageous side and mutter a hilarious line or two (he must have learned that humor from Fred and George).

And then we have Harry, who can get pretty angsty at times. I mean, I don't blame him. Having the fate of the entire wizarding world just resting on your shoulders isn't exactly the type of pressure one can easily brush off.

I am constantly worried about what I am going to eat for dinner, and even that pressure can really get to me. Check out these hilariously sardonic quotes uttered by the gloriously sharp Harry Potter.

1. Professor Quirrell Is Acting Weird!

2. Gaze Deep Into My Crystal Ball

3. Yea, Life Is So Easy Peasy

4. Ickle Diddykins

5. Look, Vernon, This Is How The World Works

6. What's That Stench?

7. Besties For Life

8. Oh, Diddykins

9. Potions? More Like Poisons

10. Need Some Ice For That Third Degree Burn, Malfoy?

11. Okay, Madame Maxime...

He may be predominantly known as the Boy Who Lived, but who knew he was also the Boy Who Sassed?

Potter, you are one rancor fellow with phenomenal banter. I more or less just figured out who I learned my sarcasm from. Thanks J.K. Rowling. My mother is really really happy with my constant quips and such.

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