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On July 15th NASA released a series of brand new close-up images of dwarf planet Pluto, after the spacecraft New Horizon's travelled for nine years, and some 3.6 billion miles to snap the photos.

These new images of Pluto have brought with them some startling revelations about the planet, which was downsized to dwarf status in 2006. Principal investigator for NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, Alan Stern was "completely surprised" to find that Pluto had huge mountains on it's surface, which was previously assumed to be a pockmarked, icy orb.

While NASA scientists have deemed the mission a complete success, there was another organization that was also utterly delighted by what they saw in the new snaps of Pluto: Disney.

Disney, which has never confirmed whether it named their Pluto character after the planet or after the God of the underworld, saw an opportunity too good to miss when the photos of Pluto emerged and tweeted this amazing video:

Thousands of other tweets have also matched up the photo of Pluto's surface with the lovable Disney pup in this amazing coincidence:

What an awesome tribute to a much beloved character. I have no doubt Walt Disney would be enormously touched!

Source: CNN


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