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We may have lost some great actors over the past years, but the memory of their incredible characters will live on. Their careers are not only remain in our hearts, but are also phenomenally commemorated by the talented cosplaying world.

Cosplayers just bring all the talent to the table. These skilled people are not only inspired by the living but also those who have gone. but made an impact on their lives. These tributes to the lost stars of today are just beyond heartwarming.

Heath Ledger

Jesse Oliva had us doing a double take when we saw his Joker cosplay. This guy totally just looks like the doppelgänger of Heath!

Brandon Lee

Aw, check out the little Crow who has come along for the comic-con adventure! I have to admit, I still get emotional watching The Crow. Brandon Lee was such an incredible actor!

Christopher Lee

Tauriel and Saruman really would have had heads turning at this Comi-Con. I still cannot believe that Christopher Lee is gone, he really seemed like he would have been around forever. But, this tribute to his LOTR character is incredible!

Robin Williams

This sweet Jumanji tribute is brought to you by this Flickr user. It is a simple but powerful tribute to a nostalgic moment in Robin's career. And this guy is rocking the leaf detail too!

Christopher Reeve

There have been many Supermans cast, but Christopher Reeve remains one of the most iconic. The detail is in the hair here, take a look at that perfect flick, I can't figure out if it is drawn on or real!

Leonard Nimoy

Spock Vegas pays a mighty fine homage to Spock Prime in this totally rad cosplay! Round of applause for those eyebrows, Sir!

We miss you all!


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