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Most of you probably only know a little bit about Miley; like the fact that she likes to twerk, or that sticking out her tongue is her signature look.

What you may not know is that is much more than that! She is a hard-working, talented chick who grew up with a famous father, Billy Ray Cyrus, in the industry.

But don't worry, this girl holds her own and definitely does not hide in her father's shadows.

1. Miley has a heart condition called tachycardia.

This means that her heart beats faster than normal at a resting rate.

2. Miley's first kiss was with Tyler Posey on her father's TV show Doc

Excuse the horrible quality! Make sure to fast forward to 6:19 for this beyond adorable moment.

3. Miley's name stems from a childhood nickname

Her given name was Destiny Hope Cyrus, but Miley comes from her childhood nickname, Smiley. Unsurprisingly she gained this name when she was kid for constantly grinning. It might not have been her birth name, but Miley is technically the star's real name. She had it changed officially.

4. Miley grew up helping her father while on tour

Miley loved to clean up all the flowers, gifts, and even panties that were tossed onstage during her concerts.

5. Miley's first song ever was about Jesse McCartney

Miley and Jesse [Credit: Disney]
Miley and Jesse [Credit: Disney]

When he guest starred on her show, Miley showed him the song even though he was six years her senior and only thought of the whole gesture as "cute."

6. Dr. Luke, who has produced some of Miley's work, lost a bet and had to buy Miley a $10,000 automated toilet

Dr. Luke didn't think that the song "Wrecking Ball" would hit number one on the Billboard, and Miley bet him a toilet that it would. Guess who is probably now shitting in a $10,000 toilet?

7. Miley's hairstylist is Chris McMillan

[Credit: @mileycyrus Instagram]
[Credit: @mileycyrus Instagram]

For those of you who have no idea who he is, he's kind of a big deal. He gave Jennifer Aniston "the Rachel," a do everybody wished they had back in the day.

8. Want to know the real reason Miley sticks out her tongue?

Miley describes it more of a nervous tick. She feels awkward and embarrassed when people take photos of her, and she also feels she doesn't know how to smile properly.

9. She lived in Canada for three years, eh?

[Credit: ION Television]
[Credit: ION Television]

While her father Billy Ray Cyrus starred in the TV series Doc, Miley followed him and lived with him in Canada.

10. Miley has a pet pig!

I am so jealous because I honestly want a pig myself. Her pig's name is Bubba Sue, and boy is she a cutie.

11. While filming 'The Last Song,' Miley paid to find out if her fiancé Liam Hemsworth liked her back

Miley paid Bobby Coleman to find out if Liam liked her back as she was crushing hard on him. This led to them dating and getting engaged, before calling it off, only to realize they were made for each other later on. D'awww!

12. Miley enjoys making her own costumes

Emily Osment, who played Miley's best friend on Hannah Montana, actually taught Miley how to knit. Miley also learned how to sew, so she can have fun with her outfits on stage and in everyday life.

13. Amongst her many tattoos, Miley has a tattoo of an equality sign on her ring finger.

[Credit: @MileyCyrus Twitter]
[Credit: @MileyCyrus Twitter]

As we know, Miley is a huge supporter of LGBT rights, and figured a tattoo to commorate that on the ring finger of her right hand.

14. Miley didn't receive a formal education growing up

Miley grew up with a personal tutor instead. She also claims she never took acting lessons.

15. Miley credits her bad handwriting to her father

Miley is originally a lefty, but her father forced her to become a right-hander because he didn't want her to "learn the world backwards."

16. Miley's godmother is none other than Dolly Parton

She's even acted in a few episodes of Hannah Montana as Aunt Dolly.

Miley is a bonafide badass and is not afraid to be herself. She is a powerhouse, fearless woman who inspires me to be more confident.

I mean, if this girl can go on stage and prove herself time and time again, I can go out into the world and take over in my own way.

What's your favorite thing about Miley Cyrus?

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