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This has of course been a huge point of debate and speculation as of recently, but I think I may have a new theory that I haven’t seen go around yet. I am very intrigued with everyone’s theories and we all have our different and specific thoughts regarding this topic, but I ask that you just read one more. So, let’s dive into it!

My theory revolves around Project OMAC. OMAC stands for Omni Mind and Community. For those who don’t know what OMACs are, they are people who are transformed into powerful cyborgs imbued with knowledge and intent to kill all superheroes and metahumans. In the OMAC Project limited run that leads up to Infinite Crisis, the virus was devised from Brainiac-13 nanotechnology. This virus was the product of the U.S. Department of of Defense, and none other than Lex Luthor. Now that we have a bit of a sense of what OMAC is, let’s pull the first thread of this theory.

Lex Luthor

We know that Lex in BvS is a man of extreme wealth and scientific curiosity as showcased by his acquisition of Kryptonite. We also see him cozied up with Holly Hunter who is a U.S. senator. We know that he has the means to carry out major scientific experiments with his labs and wealth. He obviously has a working relationship with the U.S. government and is seen using some bit of persuasion with Holly Hunter when he tells her that devils come from the skies. So, with what we know of Eisenberg’s Luthor, it’s safe to assume that he is the type of person with not only the scientific mind, but also the means to pursue a product such as OMAC. I believe the way he goes about finding OMAC, instead of Brainiac-13’s nanotechnology, is actually by searching for a way to defeat Superman. Now, we also know Lex hates Superman. It is part of his character identity to despise the Man of Steel. In order to keep Superman in check I think Lex creates a small squadron of soldiers using the OMAC project. I believe this squadron is the one we see with the Superman S on their outfits. I think Lex embroiders their uniforms with this as a means of identifying their task. I believe he calls this squadron The Red Capes due to the task that they are created to perform.

The OMACs are put in place to destroy Superman and other heroes if they are to disobey whatever Lex’s orders may be. What I believe makes this version of OMACs different is the inclusion of Kryptonite. This may be partially why Superman complies with some of what Lex demands. This is why I think we see Batman fighting the Red Capes in a now infamous shot in the trailer, but more on that in a second. I think the OMACs will serve as a means to weaken Superman, thus creating the need for Batman to help save his new comrade. Now, to the infamous neck break scene.

The Bat-Break

Now I’m sure we’ve all wondered why Batman quite obviously snaps the neck of this Red Cape, but I think my theory answers why. If Batman is fighting these Red Capes in order to help retrieve Superman, he may have deduced that these are actually OMACs. If they are indeed OMACs, they are mostly cyborg. The movie could even take liberties with the OMAC project, and turn them into androids instead of cyborgs. If this is the case, it could be even more understandable as to why Batman is using deadly force. This also helps explain the bodies littered on the ground behind him as well. This might sound fantastical, but we have to remember that this new DC universe is going to expand and delve into the fantastical whereas the Nolan Batman’s were based in reality. It is extremely possible that a version of OMACs could exist in this universe.

Now, if we are to assume that Batman and Superman defeat the small squadron of OMACs perhaps Lex will realize that he needs a virus that is more powerful than the one he uploads to the androids. I believe that he creates a biological virus that is much more like the original OMAC using a strain of DNA from General Zod’s corpse. I think this OMAC virus is what in turn creates Doomsday once he attempts to bond this new biological OMAC virus with a human host. Now that Doomsday has been created, he destroys and escapes the facility. I think this commotion is what we see in this part of the trailer.

I believe this is the time that Lex’s biological OMAC virus is stolen. It is the opportune time for someone to snatch up the virus. The loss of the OMAC virus is pertinent to the plot of, you guessed it, Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad is Forever Evil

In the beginning of the Suicide Squad trailer, we are introduced to Amanda Waller talking to two men. One is obviously related to the military and could possibly even be General Eiling. The other’s association is indiscernible. However, I believe it is safe to assume that this meeting isn’t simply for Amanda to tell them, “Hey I put this squad together. Pretty cool, huh?” I am fairly certain that this meeting is in regards to what the Suicide Squad’s task will be. With the loss of the OMAC virus, and Lex’s connections to the government, perhaps the military is asking Amanda to retrieve the virus by any means necessary. The catch is that she must retrieve it without leading a trail right back to the government. This is why she uses the Suicide Squad, so if they were to be discovered trying to steal the OMAC virus, everyone can simply blame these known villains for acting villainous. This is the caveat Amanda uses when convincing the use of the Suicide Squad to the men in the beginning of the trailer.

There is precedent for this happening because if you have read Forever Evil: Suicide Squad, you’d know that the whole issue surrounds the Suicide Squad’s retrieval of OMAC. There is also a lot of chaos and backstabbing between members of the team, as well as Belle Reve being the location of the final battle. Now, this storyline doesn’t mean that they have to follow the exact plot points, but we do know that David Ayer has read Suicide Squad comics which means he is taking inspiration from comics.

David Ayer Twitter
David Ayer Twitter

Knowing that, it wouldn’t be too hard to believe that he could be taking inspiration from Forever Evil, especially considering the fact that his movie has to fit within the larger story arc of the entire DCEU. The OMAC retrieval seems like a great fit for the team’s first mission, as well as a great connection to not only BvS, but possibly even future movies depending on the fate of the OMAC virus.

So, that’s my theory about OMAC helping bridge at least BvS with Suicide Squad. Remember, it’s just a theory like we all have, so be sure to not only consider this one, but check out everyone’s theory. Be sure to let me know what you guys think about my theory, as well as tell me your own in the comments.

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