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Joseph Stephen Welch II

Like many I heard thousands of stories on the abandoned Superman movie from Tim Burton to the point where it was a huge jumbled mess of things that could have been right or wrong. The Documentary by Jon Schnepp clears up a lot of rumors that surrounded the project and also reveals interesting things we would have seen.

Actual footage and art

A lot of concept art and costume fittings are shown during the film and you can't take your eyes off of it. All of the monsters and costumes shown are so fascinating and imaginative that it gets to the point where you grow kind of sad that such creativity was not able to be seen on the big screen. Schnepp also shows story boards and actors acting out some of the scenes that we would have seen. Brilliantly giving us a Peters moment as we visualize what this could have been. The costume fittings that are shown are one of the highlights of the film. Watching big talents such as Nic Cage and Tim Burton in these tiny hotel rooms discussing the film and seeing Nic Cage become Superman for brief moments. The suits made for the movie as far off from what we knew where still works of art. Watching the creators of these suits test it out and find ways to show light and trying them on makes Superman Lives seem that much more real and close to happening as from stories we had been told which made it seem like a fairy tale that never was going to happen. The concept art and footage actually shown in the documentary is incredible and used very intelligently and makes you leave thinking about all the different monsters we could have seen as well as sets and costumes.


The film is pieced together by the interviews from names such as Kevin Smith, Tim Burton, and John Peters. Each interview gives different perspectives on the movie and tells the story of how the project was born and died. Each interview gives a interesting take as some said it would have been incredible and some saying it would have been awful. Kevin Smith goes into much more detail on his side of the project and expands the story from what we heard from An Evening with Kevin Smith. It also shows how the story could be a lie and how wacky many people attached to the project were. After the film you remember a lot of it from what was said in the interviews. All the way from the three things Peters wanted to Kevin not being able to use a building for Dogma as it was scheduled to be Lexcorp. Each interview is able to give you the whole story in a satisfying way and helps you imagine the movie.

Final Verdict

Superman Lives would have been one of the most crazy surreal things to ever be put on the screen. The Death of Superman Lives gives you every reason for how it would have been so. It also gives many reasons for why it might have been great. And why it could have been awful. It also shows how it could have been the Superman movie to end all Superman movies. The film seems so big and massive that nothing else would top it. The film makers were shooting towards the stars and they were going to get there whether that be good or bad. The Death of Superman Lives might be the best thing to come out of this whole situation as the research is incredible and the story is clear and very well structured. At the end you feel very satisfied and walk out happy with what you have seen. You can rest well tonight knowing the whole story of The Death of Superman Lives.


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