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Avengers Age Of Ultron was one of the best movies releseased so far this year. One of the (out of so many) awesome things of the movie was that giant rotating sculpture of The Avengers fighting Ultron and his robo army that came up during the credits. Many people thought that it was CGI, even me, it was but there is one sculpture out there, that is very, very real.

This year at SDCC aka the best geek event in the world (check out Moviepilot's Coverage of the event in their e-magazine!) this BEAUTIFUL piece of art was sitting against a back wall.

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Sitting in a glass housing, this piece was surrounded with lights, that added to the beauty of this sculpture. This was made by Comicave Studios, who also recently were in news for their mechanized Hulkbuster armor. The display is utterly beautiful and greatly detailed! The craftsman ship displayed here is truly worth immense appreciation.

Here is a video from i09 that gives a great and complete look of the statute.

Did you like it? What other things were there at SDCC that you loved? Tell me in the comments below!

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