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A lot of publishers out there are beginning to realise that gamers hate the idea of pre ordering titles. We have no idea whether any franchise is going to live up to the expectations it creates anymore and we're becoming increasingly safe with our cash. However, that being said, publishers have also started to release some insane editions of their games. They know fans of the series will want some incredible collector's items to come with the game and they're completely right.

I'm already guilty as charged with [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985), and have you seen the Pip Boy edition of Fallout 4?! Well, the latest Call of Duty instalment is no different. Black Ops 3 is offering a pre order version of the game called, The Juggernog Edition, which has COD fans tripping over themselves to get their hands on a copy.

Black Ops 3 Juggernog Edition
Black Ops 3 Juggernog Edition

Black Ops 3 - Can You Still Pre Order the Juggernog Edition? Not really!

On a complete side note, if you type in Black Ops 3 into Walmart's website, the listing suggestions are a little bit inaccurate. I don't think Acitivision have announced the Black Ops 3: Juggling Edition just yet. But you never know! In any case, it seems just as likely to pick up a Juggling edition of Black Ops 3 as it is to get your hands on a Juggernog one!

All over the globe the Juggernog Edition is completely sold out on Amazon and basically every other online store you can imagine. Naturally, what happens in a crisis like this? EBAY! So many gamers have taken to Ebay to sell their copies of the Black Ops 3: Juggernog Edition. And as you'd expect, the prices are ridiculous. And I mean ridiculous!

Black Ops 3
Black Ops 3

Would You Want Black Ops 3 THIS Much?

After quickly scrolling through the first page on, you'll be hit with a starting price of $516. I also see $520, $600, $700, a reasonably priced $350, $725, $1,000. And then of course, you have the absolutely ridiculous individuals that have priced their copy of the Black Ops Juggernog Edition on the XBOX One and PS4 for literally thousands. $12,000, $14,000, even up to $17,000. FOR A COLLECTOR'S EDITION OF A VIDEO GAME THAT COST $200!!!! Good luck.

Seeing as I'm based in Berlin, I thought that someone in Germany or in the neighbouring European lands might be selling it in stores. Amazon is gone and pretty much every other establishment that would sell Black Ops 3 are completely sold out. HOWEVER, to those looking for this game in Spain, there are so many options to Buy it Now for about $230 on Ebay. If you're holidaying in and around that area soon, or know someone who will ship it over to the States for you, you know what to do!

Black Ops 3
Black Ops 3

So what about you guys? Are you annoyed by the limited availability of this Collector's Edition? Have you got your hands on one? Do you want Activision to fix this situation? And are you also shocked by the prices these people think are acceptable to up-sell a game for?! Let us know where you stand on Black Ops 3 and its collections in the comments.


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