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So a lot, and i mean a LOT of people have seen the hit Pixar movie known as 'The Incredibles', which is a fan favorite among kids and adults alike. A lot of you may have seen the official announcement about

and have gotten extremely hyped up for it.

Now, i thought of this theory after watching a movie that is regarded by some as stupid... well... dumb, and regarded by others are work of a genius. This movie is Dumb and Dumber 2 (To?). A lot of people who have seen it, or at least the movie trailer (below) might know what im getting at here,

Now that you know you've seen it, lemme point something out which is the basis of my theory. Right at the start, you see Lloyd break the news to Harry that he has been playing a running prank on him for a solid 20 years, and (in the movie at least) nothing has really changed besides our two main characters.

You may be asking "well what the hell does this have to do with The Incredibles?" well allow me to enlighten you.

Lloyd pulls a prank on Harry for 20 years and *somewhat spoilers* by the end of the movie we find out that Harry has been pranking Lloyd for 20 years in return. My theory is that in the Incredibles 2, which is a solid 12 years behind the Incredibles (1), will begin about 12 years later. That would place the father Mr. Incredible (or Robert Parr to some) at about early 50's age, his wife Elastigirl (Helen Parr) in her mid-40's, and their kids Violet at 25 or 26-ish, and Dashiell (Dash) at 20 or 21, which is a perfect age for the movie to take a standpoint from their point of views.

The movie would likely follow the perspective of one or both kids as they lead their daily life, from taking care of their aging parents (saving them too?), leading daily lives, using their power for good, etc.

Another possible path the movie could take us is after the events of the first movie, the kids never got along, and eventually they had a falling out and haven't seen each other in years. Then the Underminer or possibly a brand new villain (Syndrome 2.0 anyone? no? ok.) could be posing a threat to the world and the siblings have to band together to save the world from annihilation, thus reforming their (albeit cliche as hell) family bonds.

My final theory for you today is possibly my favorite. We have discussed the adults, and the (now grown) kids. But aren't we forgetting someone? YOU GUESSED IT!!


We haven't even mentioned this adorable, orange-eating, shape-shifting baby yet. But if my theory about being (12?) years in the future is correct then we might be seeing Jack-Jack as a 13 year old boy. Now you may remember how much we learned about Dash and Violet in the first movie, and they were around the age Jack-Jack would be if im right. There was an extreme amount of character development in Incredibles 1, where at the beginning of the movie, we saw Violet as a shy young lady just hitting high school age, and Dash go from a little bratty kid to basically everyone's favorite because of his humor (and the fact that he could tie with Quicksilver and The Flash for speedster of the year). So what will we see of Jack-Jack? Well, ladies and gents of the jury, i believe we could see Jack-Jack learning how to control his powers possibly, and learning how to use them for good, and maybe if im right about Dash and Violet teaming up, they could be overprotective of their baby brother, and not let him fight, and Jack-Jack could jump in the fray anyways and show just how powerful he can become.

These are just a few theories i came up with. Did you enjoy? Yes, no, Maybe so? if you have any theories of your own you'd like to share, let me know in the comments below, we can compare. I'm done dropping sick rhymes, mostly cause i have no beat, so, unfortunately, i must admit my defeat. I'll see you all next time!!


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