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It's time for another contest, time for another entry. Cinematic Universes are a lot of fun, especially for people who like making a buttload of money. Fun fact - buttload is an actual unit of measurement, it is approximately 63 gallons. Anyway, my Cinematic Universe is for the awesome animated film Megamind.

Megamind: The Mindening

The sequel continues right were we left off as Megamind is adjusting to his new life as a superhero. Everything changes when he discovers an escape shuttle landed on Earth containing another member of his species. He warns the Earth of an imminent invasion from a war hungry alien race. He appears to be willing to save Earth but he isn't what he seems to be.

With the arrival of another member of his race, Megamind is going to have a crisis of finding his true place in the world. This will lead to both a conflict with the villain of the film as well as a conflict within himself.

If we're going to have a cinematic universe, it is crucial to have a sequel of the original film is a great way to establish faith from the audience. This also can act as a way to set up future films by featuring easter eggs and a post-credits scene.


While in prison, Hal discovers that his powers are slowly returning. Hal begins manipulating the prisoners and the guards to achieve his own wants. Karma always comes around and Hal finds the prison completely out of control and Hal is the only one who can stop the chaos.

Tighten has never been a full-on villain, he's just a guy who wants thing that he can't have and when he gains power he loses his mind. As the film progresses, Hal goes back down that slippery slope of losing control and is going to need a bigger bad if he's going to get his head in the game.

When expanding a universe, it's important to use the characters that are already available to you. Minion has spent his entire life with Megamind and won't be leaving his sight so will stay in the MM solo films, Metro Man has officially retired to that leaves Tighten with the spin-off film.

Project: Megawreck

Megamind finds all of his gadgets have gone missing and the governments finds it imperative that they discover the thief before it's too late. The government establishes Project: Megawreck, a task force with the goal of finding all of Megamind's gadgets. The gadgets start getting sold on the black market and the army now have to face a vast array of supervillains.

This film acts as a way to introduce us to a whole new set of villains that could show up again in the future. This also could feature a lot of easter eggs that could tease several new heroes to star in other films.

Well that's my Cinematic Universe. Good luck to the rest of the contestants and have a great day!


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