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Captain America: Civil War, the 3rd movie in the Captain America movies. As we all know so far that Captain America ( Chris Evans ) is going to battle Iron Man/ billionaire Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr ), but are the rest of the Avengers going to be in the new movie?

Captain America

For you that has no idea who Captain America is, he is a World War II solider who was super skinny and had no chance to get into the military got a chance of a life time of becoming a super soldier. Know after he got his chance of a life time he is the strong and sexy Captain America. But his real name is Steve Rodgers.

Iron Man

And again for you that has no idea who has no idea who Iron Man is, he is billionaire Tony Stark. Tony got the idea of Iron Man in a war that he saw at 1st hand. The idea of Iron Man was to help and protect the people of the world. Unlike most superheroes, New York knows that he is Tony Stark.

Movies that the two superheroes been in together


Avengers Age of Ultron


So do I think the other Avengers going to be in the new movie? No, I do not!


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