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As a fan of comic book movies I have to admit that while I love most of the movies there are a few that are just not that good. The doesn't mean that these movies are not without merit. Some of the actors and performances in these movies were very good. They were just cursed by wither bad directing, awful writing, or the performances by the other actors in the movie. I decided to look at a few of these movies and point out a few actors who did a great job but the movies themselves didn't measure up.

Thomas Jane as The Punisher:

If you haven't seen The Punisher do yourself a favor and skip over any scene that doesn't have Thomas Jane in it. The rest of the class and the direction was awful. For me the only real saving grace is the performance Thomas Jane does as the central character Frank Castle. Jane captures the tortured nature of The Punisher and carries all of the scenes he was in. What really brings this movie down is the awful crime boss played by John Travolta. Not to mention the other actors in the movie and the complete lack of a real true threat to The Punisher himself. The movie has a silly story line where Frank tries in convoluted way to get revenge on a clownish mobster played by Travolta. If you don't believe me about how good Jane was as The Punisher I encourage you to watch Dirty Laundry on You Tube. This short video is better than any other Punisher movie and shows what could have been if everyone else involved in The Punisher movie was as good as Jane.

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan:

I loved Reynolds as The Green Lantern and Hal Jordan. He was a perfect casting choice and brought both fun and heart to the character. He was a lone bright spot in an otherwise under whelming movie. Like others on this list the script and direction were the true problems with this movie. The first mistake comes in the choice and direction of the villain. Villains in the forms of destructive cloud monsters just don't work. I don't care if it is the embodiment of fear it just comes off as ridiculous. The highlights of the movie come when Hal is interacting with the rest of The Green Lantern Core and a movie ending should have come with a classic showdown with Sinestro. Reynolds did the best with what he was given and he finally seems to have his chance to show what he can do with a good script in what looks to be an amazing Deadpool movie. Here is hopping that Green Lantern gets the same opportunity.

Chris Evans as Johnny Storm:

It's hard to imagine Evans playing anyone but Captain America never mind a character as different as Johnny Storm but he did. The Human Torch is the heart and fun of the FF and Evans did a great job being both. While I know not the best movie I don't hate the first FF. What the movie lacked was a truly threatening villain and chemistry between the other 3 members of the team. Anyone who has seen the movie knows that Evans was by far the highlight of the movie. He steals the show and shows exactly how the character should be portrayed on screen. When you read the comics you can see Evans playing the role with his fun and carefree nature.

Thomas Hayden Church as The Sandman:

Spiderman 3 is widely accepted as the worst spiderman movie. This is for the silly dance numbers and a truly disappointing Venom played by Topher Grace. The movie was cluttered and never really meshed together. When watching the movie though you can't help but admire what Church brought to the role of Flint Marko. He truly was the Sandman. He understood that the character was not a bad guy just a guy forced to make bad choices. He brought this conflict out and made you feel bad for the character. I believe that if they eliminated the Green Goblin and Venom from the movie and focused on just the Sandman vs Spiderman you may still be seeing Toby Maquire playing Spiderman today.

So these are four examples I have for performances that were brought down by the movie they were in. Do you like any of these? Am I completely off base and these were as bad as their movies? Do you have any I forgot? Let me know in the comments.


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