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Valve are a very different company to the one that originally created the Portal and Half-Life series. If we imagine what Half-Life 3 would look like today, I'm sure the ideas that the staff inside Valve would conjure up would contrast heavily with those that we create for ourselves. They've moved far from the singleplayer campaigns we loved them for and into the realm of dynamic multiplayers, and even popular E-Sports.

Therefore, it seems farfetched that Half-Life 3 will be the continuation of Gordon Freeman's narrative in the way we expect. If Half-Life 3 is ever created, it'll be something we weren't expecting and will almost definitely have a strong multiplayer focus. But would Valve actually like to cross it over with the Portal universe and have the two series combine into one entity?

Half-Life 3
Half-Life 3

Half-Life & Portal Crossover vs Half-Life 3

Personally, when I consider the Portal universe entering that of Half-Life I can only express support. We've seen references to Half-Life in Portal before, with the likes of Black Mesa being mentioned in "Still Alive". Portal 2 from 2011 concluded with Chell escaping the facility she was incarcerated in. Imagine if she were to emerge into the world of Gordon Freeman following the events of Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

Having the two work together in some capacity would make for some really interesting gameplay. The combination of Freeman's weapons and that of Chell's portal gun would be endlessly entertaining, but Valve would have to do a serious amount of work to make the two fit. The story may suffer as a result if these two universes were to clash. But would you want the two to crossover? Or should Gordon Freeman simply carry out his task in his own universe?

Half-Life & Portal
Half-Life & Portal

Do You Think Valve's Half-Life 3 Will Ever Get a Release Date?

In order for there to be a Portal 3, Valve are going to have to transform the situation that players are put into. Portal 2 is the epitome of what the portal gun could have achieved in that environment. If it was used in a more action atmosphere, we'd have to change up certain approaches that we're familiar with when it comes to using the weapon. It'd be awesome - imagine using it to fight alongside Gordon Freeman in an amazing version of Half-Life 3.

However, I may be on my own with this one. The narrative of Freeman is frustratingly open and we may never receive the closure we desire or get that sigh of relief that we did when Bethesda revealed Fallout 4. But I'm still in the mindset that the classic Half-Life 3 game that we all want will never be created by Valve. Perhaps they'll never finish this series.

Ahh Portal.
Ahh Portal.

Be sure to let us know where you stand on Portal and Half-Life in the comments below! Is Half-Life 3 ever going to happen? Would you like to see the world of Portal crossover with it on its release date? Let us know!


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