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Fincent DeQwann Vripp
...irst place. All people see is black vs white which isn't necessarily the case. The Hunger Games actress made her black culture statement a while ago as a scool project. Then once Kendall posted the pic, someone else posted that white girls do it better. The actress was responding to that, not Kendall per se. The belief that white women do whatever black women do but better, is a belief that many people have whether they admit it or not. She wasn't saying that Kendall couldn't wear cornrows, which is a tradio ally black hairstyle. Amandla was only addressing that hash tag and simply stating to Kendall, who has an apparent fondness for black culture, that if she does care about the black community /culture then she should also speak out and for it. How are people not seeing this? Also, I love how now people are defending Kendall. If this were any other post involving a Kardashian or Jenner memeber, they'd be torn to shreds lol. But seriously though, re-examine the intent of those involved before lashing out. It isn't what most are making it out to be.

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