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After details of Star Wars: Battlefront emerged from within the offices of DICE, gamers were quick to focus on the negative aspects of EA's decisions. Space battles were taken from us, we're not going to have 64 player battles, there are a very small amount of planets in game, we can't control the AT-AT's, the list goes on. Star War: Battlefront has certainly removed gameplay features that Star Wars: Battlefront II still boasts.

But even though all of these details have been revealed, I'm still insanely excited for DICE's Battlefront game and the ridiculous amount of hours I plan on spending with it. So ignoring the negative aspects of the game, I thought I'd nail down all of the features that DICE are bringing to Star Wars: Battlefront on its release date for XBOX One, PS4 and PC on November 17th that we haven't had in the past.

I like to imagine that's the blood of my enemies...
I like to imagine that's the blood of my enemies...

Star Wars: Battlefront - DICE's New Gameplay Features For Star Wars Fans

Where to begin?! Well, to get a really interesting look into how the game works, I suggest you check out the video below which offers 45 minutes of unedited Alpha footage of Star Wars: Battlefront. Obviously DICE are going to change up a lot of things we see here (namely the UI, or at least they better), but it gives you some interesting insight to what the moment to moment gameplay will feel like on Hoth. Some of it is pretty beautiful!

A lot of commenters on the video have stated that it looks like Battlefield 4 with a new skin, and I can totally see where they're coming from. It has the same info come up on screen when someone is killed, the weapons even look similar, and the open areas really are indicative of DICE's style. However, in my mind, this is very much still a Battlefront game.

The Sounds of War

Say what you like about DICE, but they are masters of sound design. I remember hooking Battlefield 3 up to an amp in my house and nearly melting at the level of quality. They've upheld those standards since then and the sound effects of rifles, ships and explosions in Star Wars: Battlefront are really beautiful. They help immerse you in the intensity of battle and I'm glad to see they've taken their time to bring back the sounds of the original Star Wars trilogy and bested previous installations.

Surviving in Battle

In terms of actually playing Star Wars: Battlefront, DICE have a good few changes to the formula for us all. Thankfully we still have the options between first-person and third-person, because I won't be touching the former option. Star Wars: Battlefront will also employ a buddy system rather than a Battlefield squad one. We'll be able to spawn wherever our friend is upon dying and it means that we can have a close relationship online to someone who may be playing with us. You'll also share XP with them and rewards, but we've yet to hear much about that part of the game.

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

We also see that everything is basically a power up in Star Wars: Battlefront, from picking up a rocket launcher to spawning in an AT-ST, we'll be picking up these perks on the battlefront. There's also a Star Wars card perk system in the game, something which we know little about but a lot of us are a bit apprehensive about. We also can't go prone or roll in Star Wars: Battlefront, but I'll try keep it positive.


We're still a bit unsure on this one. DICE have said that Star Wars: Battlefront will feature customisation, but we won't be able to have pink stormtroopers unfortunately. So where does it end? Based on the details we've already received, we think it's going to be very similar to previous games. So not a lot of options here, but DICE have confirmed we can change outfits. However, this is still a confusing area. More on this to come!

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

Are You Excited for the Release Date of Star Wars: Battlefront?

What are your general thoughts on DICE's creation? When I'd heard that Star Wars: Battlefront was coming back I couldn't have been more excited! A few of the announcements have put slight dents in my excitement, but I still can't wait to see what it's like to play [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC!


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