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One of the most respected directors of the time is Quentin Tarantino. Whether you love or hate his style, it is inarguable that he holds true to his own style and separates himself from the rest. With his unique ability to mix high amounts of gore and profanity into critically acclaimed films, Tarantino brings audiences masterpieces in film. Along with his style, Tarantino only works on projects that he truly cares about and develops the idea into a movie with great attention to detail. Similar to a mother nurturing her child, Tarantino’s dedication to his movies are seen, especially since his directorial filmography is short listed. This means that he had control of almost every aspect of the filming process, which is why every single one of his movies has scored highly. Since he has this great care with his movies, audiences see well developed characters who fit perfectly into Tarantino’s world. Most of his movies fit into their own individual world though, which is truly a testament to how hard Tarantino works to form a complete story. However, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction can easily be fit into the same world (and according to Tarantino, they are). This is what I am choosing as my cinematic universe; a gangster mix of the characters from Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction to create the bloodiest, most profane, and entertaining universe of film.

First Movie: The Vega Brothers

A movie that Tarantino actually wanted to make was a spinoff prequel of John Travolta’s character from Pulp Fiction, Vincent Vega, and Michael Madsen’s character from Reservoir Dogs, Vic Vega. It would be a prequel to before the events of Reservoir Dogs that would examine the two brothers working together on the streets before Vic’s arrest and Vincent’s trip to Europe. Both are compelling characters in their own regard in their respective movies, but for different reason. In the case for Vic, something about prison life changed him from the guy that Joe Cabot knew before Reservoir Dogs. Cabot defends Vic throughout the movie when Mr. White accuses him of going off the deep end while on the heist. Although the audience hears about this less psychotic phase, what is displayed on screen is the twisted mind that tortures the cop in tune of “Stuck in the Middle with You.” The prequel could explain the events that not only led to his arrest, but perhaps show the start of the fall into madness. Meanwhile, Vincent dynamic with his brother would be interesting. Vincent’s personality in Pulp Fiction is laid back and relaxed, which might be the result of the Europe trip. With one event, maybe both brothers experience a personality change, one for the crazy and the other for the relaxed. Probably one of the only movie ideas submitted in this contest that the director actually wanted to produce, this movie would be gold from start to finish.

Second Movie: The Rise of Marcellus Wallace

Now for a movie of my own creation. One of the more intriguing side characters in any Tarantino movie is Marcellus Wallace. A man who is powerful enough to send someone to Indochina to hide in a bowl of rice in theory of a wanted man traveling there (most likely an exaggeration but I could believe it). In Pulp Fiction, there is numerous amounts of evidence about how much power he has. However, it is not explained how he became so powerful in the first place. That is a storyline that could not only be interesting, but could utilize other characters from Reservoir Dogs as well. Maybe Wallace got his start working under the wing of Cabot or at one point worked with Cabot on a job. Tarantino could bring in actors and actresses in this movie that he likes to work with who have not been seen in these two movies already. New characters can be introduced that were involved in Wallace’s life before the events of Pulp Fiction. It would allow for more chances to develop this universe as well, adding other minor characters who could join existing minor characters to create an individual movie. The rise of Marcellus Wallace might not be an interesting movie in another cinematic universe, but in Tarantino’s it would be a high quality narrative.

Third Movie: Jules Winnfield's Retirement

Pulp Fiction offered Samuel L. Jackson his first real opportunity to demonstrate his acting abilities to the world. Playing a role that Tarantino specifically wrote for Jackson after his audition for Reservoir Dogs, Jackson’s performance was not only memorable, but Oscar nominated. Spitting out the “F” bomb with ease and misquoting the Bible, Jules Winnfield is one “bad mother******” (according to his wallet). Even after deciding to retire during the movie, Jules is still a man who takes charge and does not take crap from anyone (even Vega when he is a racecar in the red!) The event that causes his change of heart visible shakes him to the point where he starts questioning God and faith (and subsequently gets Marvin shot). This movie would examine his life after retiring from the violent work of being a henchman for Marcellus Wallace. Retirement is not working out too well for Jules; although he believes he is doing right with his life now, his stifled aggression is starting to push out of him. Tarantino, who is well versed with this character and Jackson, would be able to demonstrate this struggle for Jules beautifully, better than the standard plot would suggest. The movie would end with Jules eventually turning against his new found faith to go back to work for Marcellus Wallace, but this time he is second in command. There could be a scene where Jules negotiates this with Wallace by using the torture scene from Pulp Fiction as leverage, which Tarantino would be able to pull off with intensity, comedy, and profanity (of course!). Perhaps the best character Tarantino has created, a Jules Winnfield standalone movie at any point of his fictional life would be amazing. However, there is a great storyline set up there from the events of Pulp Fiction.

There are numerous other movies that I would want to see as part of this universe. My three ideas are simply my favorite. Every movie that Tarantino would make in this universe would be fantastic and would elevate the bar for creating a set of films that are cohesive. All of these movies would be able to have cameos from characters of both Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. Any of the characters could work together or be involved in the plotlines of the three movies that I laid out. Compared to other universes, this one would not only be entertaining, but the best critically. Tarantino has yet to make a movie that has scored lower than 80% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a trend that will most likely continue with the rest of his projects before he retires. That means that these movies would fall into the same category as his seven other movies.


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