ByJanie Castro-Rios, writer at
Watching the show for me has been a journey with the characters. I will be honest, I was half in half out and did not watch the show regularly season 1 but I do love my dark hero characters (Green Arrow-even not well known and Batman always my favorite ones) so I stuck with it. What did capture my attention was how the characters began to develop; specifically Team Arrow (Oliver, John and Felicity) and would always be more attentive to the dialogue when those characters interacted on screen. By the beginning of season 2 I was fully invested. A little background on me: I was the only child of 12 that would wake up well before 6 am on a Saturday to tip toe to the living room trying not to wake the rest of the family so that I could watch my superheros (cartoons) in B&W and later in color by myself. Thank you for the overview and I truly agree Stephen Amell DOES deserve more recognition for his portrayal of Oliver Queen - Green Arrow as well as some other of the actors on the show.

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