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Katrina Stagg

When Beanie Babies were all the rage, the one thing I recall everyone talking about was how they would be worth so much money some day... Well, spoiler, they're not. But it turns out we were all looking to these tiny bears for an investment when we should have been taking care of the toys we actually played with! Instead, I think I sold nearly everything on this list in yard sales over the years for pennies.

Check out these '90s toys that will make you remember fondly and yearn for the "good ole days" all while kicking yourself for getting rid of them in the first place.

1. Original Super Soaker

Being sold for up to $279.00.

2. Easy-Bake Oven

Being sold for up to $327.48!

3. Polly Pocket

Being sold in several places for over $1000.00! Yikes.

4. Original B&W Game Boy Hand Held Console

Being sold in mint condition for up to $1800.00+!

5. Talkboy

Being sold for up to $300.00.

But the hi-jinx is still priceless.

6. My Little Pony

Being sold for up to $1,650.00!

That's for ONE!

7. Sega Genesis

Being sold for up to $899.99

You can buy two PS4's for that price!

8. Mario Cart N64

Being sold for up to $1,699.99.

Used cartridges are going for $500.00!

9. Beauty and the Beast on VHS

Being sold for up to $500.00!

I think I prefer it on sweet baby Blu-ray, but maybe that's just me.

10. Pokémon Cards

Being sold for $69,000.00 for a set of 79! Some of the individual cards are worth even more!

11. Black Lotus Magic the Gathering Card

The Black Lotus card is being sold for up to $18,999.99!

I really want to play, I just don't think I can afford to...

12. Crossfire Game

1994 edition is now being sold for up to almost $100.00!

Might not sound like a lot, but if you've played it, you'd know it's WAY too much.

13. Puppy Surprise

Being sold for up to $435.00 for a set of five!


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