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Don't you hate it when you have a movie series you love, but by the third film you realized it has ran out of steam. This happens a lot these days. Since sequels are cash cows you're very likely to see a 2 or a 3 slapped on the end of your favorite title. Now while it is possible to have a perfect trilogy (Lord Of The Rings, Harold And Kumar) there is more often then not, a huge stinky load waiting for you at the end of most trilogies. This list is dedicated to them, the top 5 worst endings to great trilogies.

#5 - The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

Now while I admit this trilogy may catch some heat for being put under the "great" category, I stand by my decision. While they are by no means film masterpieces, I grew up on the first two and find them undeniably enjoyable. When recently buying the blu ray trilogy I finally got to see "Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" and let me tell you it was NOT worth the wait. What made me love the first two was the chemistry between the main stars Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. They were great on screen together and helped make the ride that much more fun. In the third one however Rachel Weisz was replaced by a much less interesting/ believable actress (Maria Bello) in the character of Evie. Talk about just strolling on set and thinking it's yours. Maria Bello also confirmed up to 3 more Mummy movies after the opening, only to have the series cancelled and set to be rebooted in the upcoming years, No thanks to her wooden performance I will add. Brendan Fraser is good as always except for his constant lame puns every other line. He has a constant look of "When's the paycheck gonna clear?" look on the whole movie and you can tell even he's ready to hop off this ride. Along with that the Egyptian setting is tossed for an ancient Chinese one which COULD have been cool, if it was handled better. See the film if you loved the first two like myself, but don't plan on loving it. Oh yea and Jet Li is in this one for like 15 minutes. (That's the selling point!)

#4 - The Matrix Revolutions

Talk about a let down. One Of the biggest movies ever to hit theaters back in 1999 couldn't make people stop talking about the sequels. The Matrix literally threw our perception of the world into disbelief. However by the third film, everything that made the first film a mild peeling classic was washed away and replaced by yet another lame battle of humans vs. machines. (Hmm I wonder who will win.) Everything is just wrapped so quickly that we are left staring at a "happy" ending on the screen, but when we really think about it, did this film answer anything about the 1999 classic? Well we know Neo is actually the one, we know man has created an alternate world to store the unneeded people as the war wages on, and we know Mr. Smith can start his own one man orchestra. Yes the fight scenes are cool and yes it is still the matrix so it is not a total loss, however as a conclusion to the series, it will let you down hard. At least there was no cast changes!

#3 - Jurassic Park 3

Oh how the nighty have fallen. For a Speilberg driven vehicle to sink this low is almost a dishonor to films. I needn't repeat how much of a classic the first Jurassic Park was to us all when it came out. I grew up on it personally and have been watching it for over 21 years now. The second one was a bit off course but still had some of the wit and mystery the first one so excellently demonstrated,but the third one just didn't get it right. Obviously the direction change from Steven Speilberg to Joe Johnston would take a hit, nut who would have thought he revamped the genre from suspense to outright action thriller. What made the first two great in my opinion was getting to see the area and how peaceful it was before the storm! Speilberg has a talent for making that suspense eat at you from the inside. Johnston however wanted it to be a fast and messy ride, which is why as soon as out hero Dr. Alan Grant is "tricked" into going on the island, the action begins. This film is essentially a rescue mission for a young boy who has accidentally landed and is now trapped on the island where dinosaurs roam free. Now it's up to Dr. Grant and his team of.. a mother and father, a college student, and a group of mercenaries to track down the boy, kill the dinos and get out alive. Sound like a lot to do in an hour and thirty minutes? That's because it is! Like all the others see it only if you are a true fan to the series, or you will leave disappointed.

#2 - Spider-Man 3

Damn you Sam Raimi. Why did you have to do this to my favorite superhero? I know you are always getting crap for this one... but really, come on. In this weak final chapter we have our hero Spidey facing off against Sandman, Venom, and the Green Goblin 2 all at the same time! Woah!! Awesome right? WRONG! This film is clogged up, messy, cheesy dialogue, and just unnecessary scenes (the dancing scene anyone.) I couldn't have been more excited when I heard Spidey and Venom were facing off on the big screen, and being a Topher Grace fan I was even pleased with the casting. However I had no idea his screen time would run between a half hour to forty minutes in a 2 and a half hour long movie. Less shots of Peter goth finger snapping, less shots of Harry and Mary Jane twisting, and more plot development! Not to mention the whole black suit subplot being played out in the most boring scenario. Set spidey out in the streets causing mayhem in the suit. Don't just have him sit there and become a goth depressed deuche when he puts it on. This film literally threw the brakes on the superior Spiderman franchise in my opinion. I enjoyed the Andrew Garfield version but Tobey Maguire is and always will be Spider-Man to me. The first two movies were absolute classics. To have this big ol' trash bag sitting at the finale is a disappointment to any fans of the series. But hey, the bright side is J. Jonah Jameson is still in it alive and well!

#1 - The Hangover Part 3

We all knew it was coming. The Hangover has made the number one spot on the list. But how you ask. Why oh why? Because this film SUCKED. That's all there is to it. Along with that this film series had so much promise going for it. The first film was literally a phenomenon. Everyone went to see "the Hangover" in 2009 and it has been regarded as one of the most quotable and classic movies ever since. Soon after we got "the Hangover part 2" which as you might expect was an exact replica, yet albeit a little crappier version of the first. But part 3, oh part 3 how you failed us. What was first an amusing comedy about reversing a night you can't remember to track down your actions has turned into an all out mess of a series, Let me start out by saying *Spoiler Alert* there is no hangover. That being said the plot line from the first two is thrown out.. actually the plot line from 2 is completely tossed (I think they mention it once) and random little subplots from the first are brought back to show an alternate story going down because of it. If you are interested you are wrong. What follows is a very black comedy with murders, deaths to beloved characters, and a crapfest of an ending. You know it's bad when Alan the source of the films comedic heart is placed on watch for temper tantrums and killing a giraffe. All in all this was barely a comedy, let alone a sequel to the great "Hangover." Only watch this one if you really really need it guys, trust me. Or just watch the first one 3 times, I guarantee you'll enjoy it more. Oh and has anyone ever told them you actually can have TOO MUCH CHOW! Give it a rest with this guy already.

Hope you enjoyed this list! And remember these are great film series, Don't pass on classic first movies because they end with a dud. Give it a shot and who knows, maybe you'll prove me wrong.

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