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If recently you've been living under a rock, NBC has cancelled the acclaimed TV series Hannibal by Bryan Fuller. We all been sad and angry at same time. Especially angry at NBC but we knew NBC was never a good network for show like Hannibal, with all the odds it was still elegant and addictive to watch.

Specially if you were like me who didnt watched original Hannibal movies (Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon & Hanniba Rising) I was enjoying this tv show more but deep down I had a void that i never watched Oscar winning performance of Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector after watching I connected dots to tv show and saw how smartly Bryan Fuller has combined all those movies and created this masterpice known as Hannibal.

What movies lacked were the deaths, this is where Bryan Fuller's mind comes in, Today lets go back season 1 & 2 of Hannibal and rank the beautiful deaths of victims. Im ranking them as how beautiful, different they are or how much thought was given to them.

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May contain minor or major SPOILERS for Hannibal season 1-2

S02E05 - "Mukozuke"

United as one
United as one

Beverly Katz, first of she was one of the character on the show who was loved and cared about but her decision to in without backup proved wrong for her. As she find herself strangled and cut in to pieces, left to display. As some high school project.

Sad but disturbing

S01E01 - "Apéritif"

Ours is Fury - House Baratheon
Ours is Fury - House Baratheon

"The Antler Display" from the pilot episode, to serve the ground on what is to come, Horror. A naked victim on antlers of dead stag( head only). Similar thing happen on HBO's True Detective pilot. Both did excellently showed us horror in different styles.

Lets be frank True Detective version was more sick

S01E03 - "Potage"

Known as "The Shrike Copycat" similar to pilot episode "Antler Display". During show a similar death to it is done by someone as Copycat Shrike to confuse Will Graham and Co.

Shame its just Copycat

S02E11 - "Rôti"

While kills is done by Dr. Abel Gideon (Eddie Izzard) to show Hannibal his somewhat wrath, and Abel did it with style. Known as Colombian Necktie in real world. This was a very sick and gross death of season 2.

Disgusting and gross

S02E06 - "Entrée"

Dr. Abel Gideon known as Chesapeake Killer at that time. Shows his art once again this time on asylum's nurse. Pinned down and left to show for Jack Crowford and Co.

Althought there are many kills similar to this, I liked everyone of them

S02E01 - "Kaiseki"

Now You See Me
Now You See Me

Its not sadist mind who thought of this but its how during the show its presented to us was the important thing. Created by someone completed by Hannibal himself.

Admiring his work Hannibal continues to complete the "Silo Pile" which looks like an eye from above.

This is where I knew this show is for the books

S02E08 - "Fromage"


If you havent paying attention you might noticed that things got brutal and gross here is another to list, the whole "Human Cello" explains everything, doesnt it. Lets not mention that Will Graham actually plays it and it sounds great.

Sensual and disturbing at same time

S01E09 - "Trou Normand”

Dead bodies stacked to build this huge totem, Human Totem. By picture you can clearly see how tall it is. Only thing it was missing was fire.


S01E05 - “Coquilles”

This kill is so terrifying and disgusting that only Hannibal can make me love it. Sitting like angels and back skins muled like wings lfet at side of motel bed, amazing. hence Flayed Human Angels.

Now there many others but they never made the list for me. Even though NBC as network has many ratings problem and have strict rules against Gore,Nudity. Thats where problem starts for Hannibal. It needed freedom networks like AMC,HBO or FX may worked better for Gothic Genre like Hannibal is belonged to.

Even with all the restrictions by NBC , Bryan Fuller managed to show us a great deal of Hannibal, for those who know its major shame that this masterpiece will be going but for those who dont know its major shame that they dont know Hannibal.

So what did you think of my list? Let me know in the comments.


Which one of above mention death is most artistic?


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