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The subject of leaks have been on the radar once again since San Diego Comic-Con International this past weekend where the CC exclusive trailers for Deadpool and Suicide Squad leaked online within hours of being shown inside Hall H. Videos start popping up on Vine, VidMe, and YouTube. For years the studios have been after the leaks and pretty much have them taken down shortly after the videos are posted, but sometimes the leak acts as a virus and it's difficult to contain it. The main example here is the trailer for Suicide Squad.

Warner Bros. released a statement basically saying the only reason they officially released the trailer online was because they couldn't contain the trailer leak recorded at Comic-Con. They also made the point that the trailer was never intended to leave Hall H because the film is still in production. It's fairly obvious that Warner Bros. is extremely upset about this and I'm sure that the only reason they released the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer simultaneously with the Comic-Con showing was to avoid leaks.

So my question is, do the studios have any justification being upset about trailer leaks when they do nothing to prevent them?

As unfortunate as it is at times, our current culture is digital. Go to any sporting event, concert, theme park, or convention and all you see are people standing there holding up phones and iPads to take pictures or record video. Nowadays people actually care about internet followers, picture views, and video views. There is some sort of hidden glory for someone to catch something no one wants everyone to see and post it online. Not to mention internet junkies now think that their leaks have sparked action on behalf of the studios. Many believe the only reason Deadpool even got made was because someone leaked that test footage last year and the studio was doing damage control. There have been an increased amount of video leaks regarding SDCC the past couple years and no one has really stepped up to do anything to prevent them from happening.

Until the powers that be at these conventions, or at the studios, actively take steps to prevent video recording inside of the screenings this is going to keep happening. I agree that moviegoers should know better because it is still illegal, but the simple fact is people don't care anymore. I'm not calling anyone out specifically, including Movie Pilot, but even the movie blogs and websites are encouraging the leaks by posting articles about them. The posts often contain the leaked videos, too. However, seeing that they haven't done much else other than put up signs saying no recording, I don't really think the studios have any right to be angry. It's like allowing people to walk into a lions den without fences and then being angry that someone got eaten.

If you don't want people to record your trailers and leak them online, take the ability away. Until the phones, iPads, GoPros, Google Glass glasses, etc. are physically taken from people prior to entering the convention halls the videos will pop up online. Will something still fall through the cracks? Sure, but you have more justification being angry and trying to make people feel guilty when you actually try to prevent it. No one is trying right now.

Make it clear and take action or stop complaining. Period.


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