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John Force Creech
...ntastic 4. It is also based on the new generation Fantastic 4 Comics In which (Johnny Storm/Human Torch is black) , so if you dont like it Shut the hell up and don't watch the movie. Michael B. Jordan is actually a very good actor. They did not just hire him to play Human Torch for the comedy part he also wanted to do it for the serious parts. He said he does not want his character to be known for laughs he wants him to be known for seriousness. So if your gonna Bitch to someone about it go and do it with Marvel and Fox and see where it leads you to, oh wait NOWHERE!!!! Marvel wouldn't change the movie if there was 1, ONE!!! Pissed off person about a character in the movie but, if there were alot of people they would or wouldn't change it. I think we do need a new change on characters from comic books cause it makes it alot less boring to just see White people play throughout an entire movie and not any other race was seen in it. So with a character who has changed by race is fine with me. If you dont like this movie go watch the one from 2005 and its sequel.

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