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After the hard R-rated panel for Deadpool at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, it's safe to say that fan anticipation for the foul-mouthed merc and his friends and foes is at an all-time high. And while fans know a little bit about Deadpool's story in the film, we know far less about the villains Angel Dust and Ajax. As it turns out, that's exactly how actors Gina Carano (Angel Dust) and Ed Skrein (Ajax) wanted it.

They sat down with IGN this weekend to discuss their characters and shed some light on their ambiguous relationship. As it turns out, Carano worked with Skrein, who is a comic book geek, to give her character a backstory:

"We decided Ajax kind of found her. Pretty much Angel Dust will only listen to Ajax," Carano explained. "I'm like a horse rearing to go and he pretty much has the reins."

But other than that, they wanted to keep the exact nature of their relationship as a big question mark for the audience in order to add to the weirdness, said Skrein.

"We wanted to keep the relationship ambiguous in a sense. We really wanted people to not know whether we were brother and sister, lovers, whether it is a teacher-pupil situation, or almost like a pimp and prostitute situation, for want of a better word."

"He's the prostitute!" laughed Carano.

Still, they did confirm at least a bit of their backstory: They both went through the same Weapon X-type program that Wade Wilson undergoes in the film.

"The workshop that we run is very similar to Weapon X in that we take terminally-ill soldiers and we give them superpowers," Skrein said. "Ajax and Angel Dust went through that process themselves and now we run the program and we're the people that changed Wade Wilson into Deadpool."

You can listen to the interview in the video below.

This makes for an interesting set-up. Will Angel Dust go rogue at one point and turn on Ajax? Will it turn her into an even more formidable for for Deadpool? I guess we'll find out next February when the Merc with the Mouth hijacks our theaters.


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