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Even though this is the least likely to happen, I still think it would be fun to explore the concept of an Incredibles Cinematic Universe. So here we go:

1. Incredibles 2: An Incredible Team

The Idea behind the sequel is expanding the world of new heroes. The main plot is that the Incredibles go up against a a villain or a group of villains that is too much for them to handle. This will lead the Incredibles to search out newer heroes to help them, and in the end, establish a JLA or Avengers type team as well as the retirement of Mr. Incredible and Mrs Incredible (AKA Elastigirl).

2. The Super Squad

Some fan art I found, pretty cool.
Some fan art I found, pretty cool.

It might need a different name, but this film is all about the team that was founded at the end of the Second Incredibles movie. This movie will show how the team works along with giving us a little more depth on the life of Dash and Violet. It will show how challenging it is to be a superhero while balancing a normal life. Violet will eventually quit the team at the end of the movie though, due to either finding a boyfriend that she doesn't want to endanger or maybe she becomes pregnant and doesn't want to drag her child into the superhero business.

3. Incredibles 3: Incredibles return

Also cool, don't know about the costumes though.
Also cool, don't know about the costumes though.

This movie will take place during a point in which Mr. Incredible has been retired for awhile, Violet is retired, and Dash is leading the current super team that was founded at the end of the sequel. But the Super Hero community is seeming to fall apart with a new villain on the scene. The villain knows their identities, and is going directly for them. When the team is attacked, Dash is the only one to make it out. His only option is to get his family out of retirement to fight one last battle.

Well those are my Ideas for a new cinematic universe. Hope you enjoyed this, and have a nice day.


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