ByBrad Dee, writer at

In the last few months, Geoff Johns has begun a storyline that will change the world of the Justice League forever. It is supposed to span almost a year and will be mostly about the battle between two gods and the effects that it has on Earth and the universe as a whole. Last month, we saw the first stages of the war as many storylines were thrust together in an excellent fashion and we witnessed the first instance of the Anti-monitor on Earth. But now, we are in the 2nd stage of the battle and heroes are going to be forced to make some drastic decisions for the sake not just of themselves, but also the universe as a whole. The problem is who's side do you choose when each side is worse then the other?

It is unsurprising, given his heavy involvement in so many of the titles to date, but Johns' encyclopedic knowledge of the entire DC universe has never been more evident than in this issue. Threads from previous New 52 events, Earth 2 and beyond are all present in this outing, with reverberations of Convergence still being felt behind the panels. Darkseid is seen as the ultimate evil that is present in the DC universe, and his feelings of making our heroes feel less then human is never seen more then in this issue as he wants to prove to Superman that life is useless. The plan of Batman also is seen in full force this issue as he takes the next evolution in Godhood by becoming a "Bat-God", and his first order of business involves the Joker(with a side-bar that could become a huge storyline in the future if Johns plans on pursuing it). But the main character of this issue is Wonder Woman, who again is forced to show her true self as everyone else is displaced or beaten. The similarities between her and the villains are seen in crystal fashion in this issue. Now, this issue doesn't contain all the "huge moments" as last issue, but the ones the do appear are giant in scope. In addition, this issue served its purpose of expanding the storyline and getting all the pieces on the chessboard. The absolute bombshell of a twist in the final pages not only flips the script on the concerned character, but leaves us hungrily wanting more. I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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