ByBrad Dee, writer at

In the world of "Secret wars", all bets are off when it comes to storylines and characters that we have lived with for decades. The characters that we expect are gone and replaced with newer versions of themselves. Some of the characters are so far twisted that it would take months to learn the concepts and ideas behind them. Some are so similar that it feels like we never missed a beat. But, in the world of Armor Wars, we have the problem of not knowing enough about the characters to actually care about them. In the last few months, we have been placed in a murder mystery about "who killed Spyder-man" and also placed in a corporate battle between the two brothers Tony and Arno Stark. For a limited series, it had all the potential to be a masterpiece. But, for some reason it just hasn't.

Last month, the problem was the comic didn't really know what direction it wanted to go. Was this comic a mystery or an action-techno thriller? Now, this month, we have more of the same. Sure, we can state that it didn't have the same problems as last month because it kept a single focus in the comic. But, that's part of the problem as the storyline moved at a snails pace and technically very little actually happened. Much of the issue focused on stuff we either already knew from the first 2 issues or stuff that we don't need to know. James Robinson tries to make us feel empathy towards the characters that he gives to us, but it falls on deaf ears cause there is little reason to care about any of them. Should we care about Peter Urich since he's already dead and this is an alternate reality? Should we care about the sibling rivalry between the Stark brothers since we have already seen it play out in the regular comics before? Should we even care about why everyone is in armor since its not being explained to us at all? There’s significantly less words covering up Marcio Takara’s beautiful art, which is a plus. But things also progress so quickly and there are so many pages wasted on establishing things that we already know. This is a “moving the chess pieces” issue in the worst way, because most of those chess pieces had already been moved. You could skip over this issue and be just fine next month at #4. I give this issue a 5 out of 10.


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