ByBrad Dee, writer at

Scott Lobdell tried last month to introduce us to the character of Reiser who was subjected accidently to the Doomsday virus and he would transform into a hulking monster each time he gets excited. He also introduced us to a number of forgetable characters who barely registered on the radar of the comic. The issue showed us many things that should never be done in a first issue of a comic if we expect it to last. Mainly, we need a character who is likable and not someone who stumbles into his origin. Alot of what happened to Reiser is similar to both the Hulk and to Peter Parker, in that they are normal people who through circumstance became something more But, for Reiser, is he more man or more monster? That was the question that would be looked at in this issue.

But, instead we got 22 pages of nothing. To summarize the plot of this issue would be nearly impossible, as virtually nothing happened. Last month, Reiser turned into this monster and ended up going through the floor of his girlfriends apartment building. This month, he sees the monster that he has become, smashes a bus and ends up back in human form in his apartment sleeping. We are also introduced to a new character, who is a type of alien hunter(ala Men in Black) who takes the form of a bullied kid. Sigh....who wrote this stuff? If a person read issue 1 and skipped right to issue 3 they probably won't even notice they missed anything. That's how little happens this issue. With so many strong new series and creative teams at DC Comics this month, it's reasonable to say that there's enough other material that's successfully living up to its potential. I give this issue a 4 out of 10.


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