ByOscar Maradiaga, writer at

Before I even see this suicide squad movie lets just start with saying what the hell kind of joker are they selling us? How can we take this joker serious with tatoos all over his body. Having tatoos from great graphic novels I get it. I'm all for putting a new actor in a great character. But this stuff we here about Jared Leto being in character sending letters to the cast. Its almost as if Warner Bros is trying to sell us a great performance we have no idea of what it will be. The trailer wasn't anything to jump out of my seat. That joker laugh wasn't impressive and the "Im going to hurt you real bad" had made me yawning. Even Jack Nicholsons joker was more fierce and menacing. I'm tired of this being shown as a Joker of the new decade. They are giving us a fake Joker with a J underneath his eye. Come on this looks like Joker is part of a Spanish gang if at that. I dont want to see a mexican look joker whats that about. Also joker driving a luxury car and decked out in what seems to be a silver sparkling tux. I think this Joker will be a joke compared to Heaths joker. But what a piece of art that was. Maybe we were spoiled with having seen such a masterful performance from Heath. But its not about comparing both especially when we haven't yet seen the new joker. I'm having a hard time buying into this movie at all. I would love to see a dark joker with a touch of humor. The real prince of crime. A joker who's not afraid to be funny but also show his evil look. The mark hamil joker nailed it hands down in the animated series. Whats your opinion on this new Mr.J


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