ByGregory McNeill, writer at

I enjoyed watching the trailer and saw it twice. It was finally good to see Gal Godot as Wonder Woman. I hope that DC does plan a 75th anniversary celebration for the character next year because Superman and Batman had their celebrations on their 75th anniversaries.

What I loved about the trailer was that the devastation of Metropolis had shown both consequences and repercussions because that is what Snyder had intended to show from Man of Steel. Some people are still angry that Superman had killed Zod because he had no choice but to do so. Some people was expecting the usual scenario such as Zod and his minions going back to the Phantom Zone that didn't happen. I give Snyder credit for not taking the easy route and show real world consequences.

The signs from some of the Protesters show a real world aspect to how the issue of Immigration is seen in the news, especially with the rhetoric of Presidential candidate Donald Trump's comments toward Mexican Americans. I would like the film to address this issue without insulting the movie fans and audience.

Some people still have an issue with Gadot as Wonder Woman; Lynda Carter had set the bar and its time for a new actor to play the part and add her contribution to the role. I watched the tv series as a child and became a Wonder Woman fan when I had read the comic book during the 1980s during the George Perez era. I am following the current book and team on the book.

I believe that the upcoming movie will be interesting and looking forward to watching it next year and time to brush up on watching Man of Steel again. I will write about Wonder Woman's 75th anniversary some time next year.


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