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Emma Emmanouela

After the [Comic-Con](tag:1029427) trailer realise [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is one of the most anticipated if not the most anticipated movie of 2016 but, well, that's hardly a news flash. The trailer revealed a lot about the plot and the main characters but i think that one of those major characters is still a mystery. What Lois Lane is really up to in Batman vs Superman?

In a world that is afraid of Superman and widely manipulated by Lex Luthor I think Lois' role is essential. And I think it has been showed a lot in the brief lines she had in this trailer. Lois has a strong voice,through her articles she can inspire and change the public opinion. She really protects superman and the entire city from propaganda and Lex's manipulation. She allways have been doing that. If you add to that her investigation skills (which as we saw in Man of Steel is pretty sharp) then you have the picture. Lois, I think, (as well as in Man of Steel) is a game changer. Her role will be one of pretty big importance in the film.

Now what we want to see Lois doing? Investigating Lex and Batman, arguing in favor of superheroes, struggling to inspire a broken city after the [Man of Steel](tag:15593) events... And so much more! The posibilities are endless and i think Zack Snyder will again portray an intresting take on our all time favourite character.

After all, Lois' character represents us all, the never giving up mere humans who fight for truth and justice without superpowers but by just choosing to stick to our set of values, fight for our beliefs and always try to do the right thing... even if noone else does!

Emmanouela Aamer Moulatsioti


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