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Daniel Radcliffe has been many things, a wizard, a businessman and a demonic-like creature to name a few, but it seems that his downfall will forever be a receptionist.

His toughest test yet
His toughest test yet

While visiting the Nylon office, the magazine decided to put him to the test, having him work the front desk for an hour. While for a bit nobody seemed to be paying attention, very soon people started to take notice and asking for pictures and selfies, which is something that he was happy to oblige with. Honestly I think it would have been just a little more funny if he had put on his American accent that he has used in movie and plays and said that he gets that he looks like Harry Potter all the time, but the poor guy was flustered and confused so I am sure he didn't think of that.

He got very confused, when asked to deliver packages and give them to someone to pick up he was never sure where to send them. When asked to find some stamps he tried for a moment before telling the man that perhaps he should come back later when someone who knew what they were doing was there.

He also spotted a celebrity who he certainly knew who he was, but had no idea who was sitting in front of him.

Check out the fun below!

Who knew being a receptionist could be harder than defeating Voldemort? I love you Dan, but don't quit your day job.


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