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Recently, Actor/Director Ben Affleck was announced to helm the director's chair of the new solo "Batman" film of the DCU, as well as co-write. While we know he is also portraying the caped crusader in next year's [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), never fear. Ben Affleck is one of the best filmmakers of the decade. Don't believe me? He won a Best Picture Oscar for Argo, and proved his writing abilities in Good Will Hunting when he won an Oscar in the '90s. While we all eagerly await to see what story Affleck unfolds, here is why I believe "Batman: HUSH" by comics legends Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee should be his source of inspiration.

1. A fallen Robin

Most importantly, in the Comic-Con trailer for Batman v Superman we see a damaged and cruel Bruce Wayne as he mourns the death of a former Robin. Trust me, we all know it's Jason Todd. Who was (Spoilers) killed by the Joker. This will be the catalyst of the solo Batman film, whether they decide to do "Hush" or "Red Hood" or "Death In The Family."

2. An Amazing Cast of Supporting Characters

Imagine a Batman film where anyone could pop up, at anytime, and the movie not feel bloated? It could work with Hush! We already have Superman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and "A Robin" introduced in the DCU, and they all play a part in the "Hush" storyline. Plus, it's a Batman tale where he's older and more experienced and that's where Affleck's Batman is at right now. Add Hush (Tommy Elliot), Catwoman, and Red Hood to the mix. This will be a hell of a great film.

3. It's a Mystery the Audience Will Solve with Batman

The plot of "Batman: Hush" is complicated. But, to put it simply, a man who covers his face in bandages, who quotes Aristotle, tries to damage Batman's relationships with his friends, while unleashing his rogues gallery upon him, and you know a higher puzzle is pulling the strings. The mystery is, Who is Hush? Several suspects include Harvey Dent, Thomas Elliot, even the deceased Jason Todd! Who later becomes Red Hood. Todd would fit perfectly into the story because of his presence in the DCU beforehand and due to the psychological effect he has on Batman.

4. Affleck, as a Director, Understands ART

"Hush" has the best imagery in all of comic books. Period! Every page is drawn to perfection by artist Jim Lee. Affleck, literally, could take Lee's imagery and capture it on film. So many memorable scenes from Batman's bloody battle with Killer Croc, kissing Catwoman, a Poison Ivy manipulated Superman, a Joker beatdown, a sword fight in the desert with the Demon, the confrontation with Jason Todd and Hush. It has everything to be the best Batman film to date.

It gives us a new villain, that mainstream audiences know nothing about. Audiences love to solve mysteries and want to discover the unknown. They are so used to seeing Joker. We've seen Joker! Give us something that no one has ever seen, while unleashing some familiar faces we've seen before. Oh, and another villain we haven't properly seen on screen would be introduced in this story as well. He deserves justice. Well, riddle me this? Who could this Hush mastermind possibly be?


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