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Everybody knows the twist ending of The sixth sense , right? Well if you don't know it check this video:

Now you know who the movie ends. And here is the best part. Everybody keep saying that this ending was one of the most unexpected ,socking and original endings of all time. Well, not that original actually. If you are a big horror fan then you should know that these isn't the first time this ending is used. Back in 1962 a film came out, known as Carnival of Souls.

Carnival of Souls is about a young woman who servies a car accident ,but she can remeber how she servived it .After that she is mysteriously drawn to an abandoned festival.

Anyways at the end , it's revealed that she was dead all the time during the movie and she never survied the car accident. Poor girl.

So now ,you know that M. Night Shyamalan's twist end in his best film wasn't that original . We still don't know if he stole the ending from the movie,because of it's low publicity before the film became a cult classic.


What do you think ? Did that surpised you?


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