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This pyramid shape structure was taken by NASA's Curiosity Rover.

A month ago NASA received very enlightening news of a Pyramid shaped rock. Experts are wondering if it's been naturally made or if it was made by alien species. The structure is no bigger than a car. However, some conspiracy theorists believe it was once part of a larger structure underneath.

NASA Curiosity Rover that took the picture.
This is not the first time that a Pyramid like structure has been found. NASA Dawn space craft is getting ever closer to the small planet Ceres. However pictures have been taken of the exterior of the planet. The pictures that were taken were of two light liked objects that resembled again Pyramid shapes.
Picture of the Pyramid shape on Ceres.

This structure is enormous. It is calculated at three miles high. Dwarfing the structure on the Mars counterpart.

A group called Paranormalcrucible who have examined the Mars picture say that it's definitely made and not formed.

ParanormalCrucible goes further, claiming the 'near perfect design and shape' means the pyramid is: 'the result of intelligent design and certainly not a trick of light and shadow'.
ParanormalCrucible say it's definitely a made object.

Some people however think that this is just a rock formed by the wind. Others feel it's a freak object of nature that is just formed by chance.

Others think it has a great conspiracy all over it. Some believe that this is a connection to the "Face" from the Viking rover.

The Face and the Pyramid. Is there a connection to the recent picture?

It does feel far fetched that it's just wind. It does seem a well designed structure. We will hopefully one day find out if there has ever been life on Mars.


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