ByStephanie Toledo, writer at
Unless you failed to recognize, Camille is actually a pretty horrendous character, and maybe it's the WRITING for that character the reason she hasn't been received well. I mean, for starters the character literally does nothing. She was seen in like one of two scenes one episode, one of which she was shown GOING ON A COFFEE RUN. How nice, a coffee run for the characters that are actually IN the storyline, wow so much importance. Not to mention, she's painted as this genius because oh wow, psychology student, much surprise, so smart, and yet she's actually kind of a moron because she refuses to distance herself from situations that only put her in danger. Also situations that are none of her damn business. PLUS, she's textbook definition prison groupie. You're very obviously a Klamille stan, and ship whatever man but don't pin your ship not taking over the world on a fandom that got entirely shut out of this show. The character is useless and serves to only explain things as they're happening, but doesn't actually develop. She's hardly a character tbh, because she only exists to be whatever Klaus needs her to be. And that's so upsetting considering she was a character with potential. She refuses to separate herself from the man who mentally abused her, PIMPED HER OUT to his protege and you're sitting her blaming a fandom for the character not becoming a breakout star? Come on, appreciate the actress but acknowledge her character for what it is. She's a disgrace to female representation in media. This character set's female characters back years. This is so pitiful, to try and villainize and entire group of fans that couldn't care less about this character all because you're butthurt Klamille isn't the leading ship and the majority of viewers can't stand Camille. Get a grip.

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