ByHanna, writer at

It was for her character, a character that fits the characterization of a prison groupie only topped by Cami saying herself that she in only in Nola because of her feeling for Klaus. Leah does a GREAT job but the writing for her character is really bad, and you implying that everyone who dislikes her character must be a Klaroline fan is as unproportional as you accusing that article to be, same goes for you accusing the author to dislike Cami only because she has an interest in Klaus. Where is your proof? thats all sooo wrong. And talking about it, how many article are out there talking about how Matt, Enzo, Hayley and before he left TVD, Jeremey needs to die. Seriously this is not how television works... learn it. That said people need to learn that hating a fictional character is NO crime, the character is not real and has no feelings whatsoever but real person like you and me and the author you just bashed because of a negative article for a FICTIONAL character get hurt. So please stop being so biased. You like Cami/klami? All the power to you but don't bash others who see her character for what it is - a poorly developed prison groupie


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