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Today I watched Life Of Pi which I had not seen before but knew of the acclaim it received so I thought it was worth checking out. Life Of Pi revolves around the life story of Pi Patel which for the bulk of the film centers on the life-changing story of him surviving a shipwreck on a life boat with a Bengal tiger. Life Of Pi is directed by Ang Lee and stars Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan and Rafe Spall.

There are a few positives to this film which include: a beautiful visual style, great direction, really good story progression and the story was told in a cool way. To expand, the special effects in this film were stunning and made the film have a really beautiful visual style; the direction of this film is what made it good and it was also helped by the brilliant pacing which made the film interesting for the full runtime. Also the way the story was told was interesting as it switched between timelines seamlessly and was narrated by the main character (which is one of my favourite things that happens in films).

In my opinion there are also a few flaws in this film which was that the acting and the plot were ok but not great, for the acting none of it is bad but none of it stands out it was just serviceable. For the plot its a similar thing it wasn't bad it was quite good but nothing overly interesting, films like this (e.g. Castaway, Buried, 127 hours etc.) need a standout lead if they are going to be brilliant; none of them have great plots but are carried by the fantastic acting, this film was carried by the direction but if the lead was a better actor the film would have been fantastic (he's not bad he's just not outstanding, his performance was ok but the film needed someone of a higher calibre to make the film that much better).

Overall I did enjoy this film but didn't see it as the masterpiece other people have, I just thought it was a good film that had brilliant special effects and direction. So taking everything into consideration I rate this film:



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