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Everyone loved the comedic version of the poor boy who rises to a knight and gets the hot princess right? That film was one I watched countless times during my childhood. It was recently that I noticed how much some of the cast have gone on to do.

Heath Ledger (William Thatcher)

The titular hero of A Knights Tale, Heath Ledger produced a brilliant performance, and went on to do much the same in films like Brokeback Mountain, Casanova and of course, as the Joker in the Dark Knight, in what was considered an incredible performance, and went on to win him an oscar, which unfortunately occurred after his untimely death. He will long be remembered as a fantastic actor, and is going to be hard for Jared Leto to live up to. Interestingly, he was not the only star of A Knights Tale to get into superhero films.

Rufus Sewell (Count Adhemar)

The night to William Thatcher's day (or Knight?), Rufus Sewell produced an excellently evil performance as Count Adhemar. Since then, he has gone on to appear as a villain in many other films, including the Illlusionist, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and most recently starred in Hercules as one of Dwayne Johnson's companions, Autolycus. Going from losing to Heath Ledger to taking down empires alongside Hercules isn't bad.

Shannyn Sossamon (Jocelyn)

William's beautiful princess, that in predictable fashion pushed him to victory, has gone on to do well for herself. She starred in films like The Holiday (alongside Cameron Diaz and Jack Black), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (alongside Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer) and most recently starred in the TV series Wayward Pines, as Theresa Burke. You can see her later this year in the horror sequel Sinister 2.

Paul Bettany (Geoffrey)

No-one needs reminding of Paul Bettany's incredible career. He starred as Geoffrey, the down on his luck gambler who helped William and his friends convince the nobels of Will's knighthood. Since his role in A Knight's Tale, Bettany has gone on to have leading roles in films like Wimbledon, Legion and Priest, as well as taking on the role of computer JARVIS in the Iron Man and Avengers films, which, as you will know if you have seen Avengers: Age of Ultron, has led to him becoming the Vision, a sentient AI which becomes an Avenger. This, of course, will lead to him starring in at least several more Marvel films. Mr Bettany isn't going anywhere.

Laura Fraser (Kate)

Kate was the Blacksmith who allowed William to repair his armour, allowing him to compete again in the tourney. Laura Fraser went on to do a large amount of TV work, most recently as Lydia in the final season of mega-hit "Breaking Bad", and as Reagan Black in "Black Box".

Mark Addy (Roland)

As is probably true of any old film, a Game of Thrones cast member was present. Maybe you can attribute that to the massive number of people in Game of Thrones, maybe to random luck, but the fact remains that Roland, one of William's two fellow squires, went on to star as King Robert Baratheon in the HBO show, as well as star in BBC's Atlantis (as Hercules) and Trollied, as Andy.

Alan Tudyk (Wat)

After starring as Wat, the other squire alongside William and Roland, Alan Tudyk starred in... basically everything. He's done a huge amount of work, both live action and animation. Here's some highlights:

He starred in Firefly and its subsequent film Serenity, as "Wash"

He starred in Dodgeball as Steve the Pirate

He starred in I Robot as Sonny

He starred in Wreck-it-Ralph as King Candy

He starred in Frozen as Duke and Big Hero 6 as Alistair Krei

He has appeared in DC animated films or shows as Superman, Flash and Green Arrow, and he is starring in his own start up TV show called Con-Man, now filming.

Berenice Bejo (Christiana)

Berenice Bejo is best known for her oscar nominated performance in "The Artist" as Peppy Miller. Most of her other work is foreign, aside from A Knight's Tale.

James Purefoy (Colville)

You may not remember James Purefoy in A Knights Tale, but you probably remember him from his film Solomon Kane, or from his many great performances in the Following alongside Kevin Bacon, as Joe Carroll.

So that's it. Are you surprised by any of the cast members?


Which cast member surprises you most?


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