ByJennifer, writer at
If fans do not care for a character, they must have some petty, nefarious shipping agenda? How on EARTH did you make that massive leap from Point A to Point Z? Cami is a terribly, terribly written character. She's a hot mess of outdated purity tropes and as anti-feminist as any character on television today, as she has no discernible purpose in the natrative aside from staring at Klaus and reciting mostly ridiculous blurbs about psychology. This is a young, female audience. If they feel like a character is weird and unrelatable (which Cami IS), why would they invest in the character? That makes fhe kind of sense that doesn't. The audience is not required to like or dislike certain characters. That misses the point of art, which is there to be consumed and interpreted in many different ways. To assume that because the character is disliked that somehow the audience is too blame is ridiculously short-sighted and massively unfair to every viewer that doesn't think like you. To then go a step further and presume to speak for said portion of the audience and declare that it's because of shipping is to take away any and all intellectualism from the debate over the character. It's the online version of being butthurt, declaring that all your friends are dummies, and taking your ball and going home. Also, it isn't my job to keep Leah Pipes employed. Do i think it's fair to call for her to be fired? No. Do I think it's fair to say that the character is a mess and that I don't like her and that I would enjoy the show more without her character? Absolutely. Learn to understand what criticism is, why it's important in consuming media, and then try again.

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