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I am a very picky when it comes to movies/television shows. I believe that actors should know their lines enough to be able to add emotion t
Gregory King

I Didn't Do It was premiered on January 17, 2014, starring; Olivia Holt (who also played as; Kim on Kick'in It, and Skylar Lewis on Girl Vs Monster), Austin North, Piper Curda, Peyton Clark, and Sarah Gilman.

Sense then they grew their audience more and more. Their acting has progressed, Logan, the twin of Lindy and let's just say the lesser of the brains, has shown that he really can act like a dimwitted person. Delia, the strangest of the friends, she has sure shown how weird she can get. She has came to terms with her character, even though at times I think the directors could have made her a little bit more weirder. Jasmine the more preppy and spirited person of the friends. She is also a trickster, in a episode of "I didn't do It", all the friends made a pack because of Logan's phone going into the water and they have to wait 72 hours before they could turn it on, and Jasmine cheats out on the pack and gets her back-up phone.

I think this is a great show for children to watch on television.


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