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In the world of comics, we have gigantic behemoths of enormous power. The Hulk, Darkseid, Galactus. But do these characters always have to be large and imposing to be powerful and useful? No, no they do not, and these 2 characters prove that it's not the size that counts, it's what you do with it.


Hank Pym, aka the Ant Man, is one of the greatest scientists on the planet. Creating marvelous inventions that defy the laws of physics, Ant Man is a genius, and is a founding member of The Avengers, but his most miraculous achievement comes in the form of Pym Particles. These particles allow the user to control the size of an object, giving Ant Man the ability to shrink and grow at will.


  • Size Reduction- Ant Man possesses the ability to use Pym Particles in order to shrink his body down to any size he desires. He go to the size of an ant all the way down to sub atomic levels, allowing him to enter the "Microverse", and even a plane of existence where Godly beings live such as The Living Tribunal and the In Betweener.
  • Mass Reduction- As his body shrinks down, his mass is compressed, giving him strength and speed greater than that of him being at a normal size. This allows him to knock fully grown men over effortlessly while being the size of an Ant.
  • Size Addition- Ant Man can also use his Pym Particles to grow his body to ginormous size. This causes the Pym Particles to summon mass from an extra dimensional source to increase his mass and size, increasing his strength and durability to incredible levels. Capable of growing over hundreds of feet, Ant Man can even enter the Over Space, basically the opposite of the Microverse.
  • Genius Intellect- Hank Pym is one of the greatest minds in the Marvel Universe. Often compared to the likes of Tony Stark and Reed Richards, Hank Pym has done miraculous feats to prove his intelligence, such as creating Ultron, and creating Pym Particles.
  • Skilled Hand to Hand combatant- Ant Man utilizes different fighting styles depending on the size that he is. When small, Ant Man will use his foe's superior size to his advantage, and vice verse when he is giant, utilizing his giant strength and durability to overwhelm opponents. He was also taught multiple martial arts by Captain America, but to to the same degree of skill, making Ant Man a worthy hand to hand combatant.
  • Communication with Insects- Hank has built a Cybernetic helmet that grants him telepathic communication with ants and other insects, granting him control over them.
  • Variety of Tools- Ant Man possesses a tool belt where he keeps small capsules which contain a incredibly large amount of items which he has shrunken down with Pym Particles in order for him to use on the fly. These include a key, a minicomputer, and an energy blade.

Ant Man is one of the greats in the Marvel Universe, a valuable member to The Avengers, but lets see where his opponent stands when compared to him.

The Atom

Dr. Ray Palmer is a scientific genius. Dedicated to breaking scientific barriers. Ray Palmer used his large sums of money to assist him in making scientific discoveries. This includes creating a belt that grants him the ability of size alteration. When ever somebody needs someone with incredible intelligence, or to just reach in those incredible small tight spaces, The Atom is who you want to have on your speed dial.


  • Size Alteration- Ray Palmer used his intelligence to tamper with a fragment of a white dwarf star, granting the ability to shrink down the size of an object. Now normally, anything he shrunk down would become unstable, and then would explode, but his body possesses a unique meta gene that grants him immunity from this flaw. The Atom has the ability to shrink down to six inches, or shrink down to sub atomic levels, granting him access to an entirely different plane of existence.
  • Access to Explosives- With his costume granting him the ability to shrink things down, including himself, The Atom can then shrink down any objects he touches, but due to the molecular instability that occurs, this results in that said object to become an explosive. This grants The Atom access to many explosives, as all he has to do is shrink an object down and it becomes a portable hand grenade.
  • Mass Manipulation- The Atom has the ability to manipulate his mass throughout his body. He can shift his mass to certain parts of his body to increase the mass there, or get rid of all of his mass and become incredibly light.
  • Enhanced Strength- By shifting his mass to his fists and/or legs, The Atom grants himself super human strength in that said area. Allowing him to perform feats that no normal man can accomplish.
  • Flight- By decreasing his mass, The Atom can become so light that he floats in the air like a balloon, granting him the ability of flight. He can increase and decrease his mass at will to change the direction he is going while flying.
  • Skilled Hand to Hand combatant- Ray Palmer has trained himself to become exceptionally skilled in the art of Judo.
  • Highly Intelligent- Ray Palmer has a PhD in Physics and was a professor at a University.
  • Skilled Swordsman- The Atom was taught in the way of swordsmanship, gaining considerable skill in the use of a sword. Possesses a sword he received from the Katarthans.

Alright, so we know what The Atom has in store for Ant Man for this Battle Arena, lets see them face off to see who stands small in the world of comics!


(Ray Palmer is seen in his lab putting on his "Atom" suit. He finishes putting it on and sighs in relief and happiness)

Atom: I wonder what the other guys are up to today.

(The Atom walks over to his computer monitor, only for his air vent cover to suddenly fly open, catching The Atom's attention.)

Atom: What the?

(The Atom gets up and walks over to the vent, only to get tripped over by nothing. The Atom rolls over and gets on all fours like a ninja, only to see Ant Man run by.)

Atom: Ooo, a fellow size manipulator.

(The Atom smirks, then shrinks down to the same size as Ant Man. The Atom flies after him, only for Ant Man to jump in the air and spin kick The Atom in the face, sending him flying to the ground. The Atom rolls onto his feet and gets into a fighting stance.)

Atom: Why are you in my lab!?

Ant Man: You've been experimenting with illegal technology, and i'm going to turn you in.

Atom: Illegal Technology?

(Ant Man lunges at The Atom, punching him in the face, knocking him onto the ground. The Atom then sweep kicks Ant Man, tripping him, and spins around again, swinging his mass enhanced foot straight into Ant Man's face, sending him flying across the room, smashign him into a wall, creating a small dent due to Ant Man's small size. The Atom flies at Ant Man, punching him in the gut with a mass enhanced fist, causing Ant Man to cough up blood.)

Atom: Are we done here?

(Ant Man swings a punch at The Atom, hitting him in the face, senidng him flying across the room as well. The Atom and Ant Man charge at eachother and deliver incredibly powerful blows despite their small stature. Ant Man pulls a chair down in an attempt to have it crush The Atom, but The Atom simply catches it and throws it at ant Man, who jumps and dives through an opening of the chair, avoiding damage. Ant Man somersaults over to The Atom and throws a punch. The Atom catches the punch, and the 2 begin to trade blows. Ant Man succeeds in dodging and counter more of The Atom's blows than The Atom can to Ant Man's, forcing The Atom to fly away using his Mass manipulation. Ant Man jumps towards a wall and uses the wall to boost himself into the air, allowing himself to lunge and latch onto The Atom, dragging him onto the ground. The Atom increases his mass and kicks Ant Man onto a table, while The Atom grabs the edge of the table. The Atom jumps onto the table, while Ant Man grabs a pencil and swings it into The Atom, who catches it with his hand and shatters with due to his mass enhancement. The Atom then throws a right hook, punching Ant Man onto the ground. The Atom runs and intends to kick Ant Man, only for Ant Man to spin and punch The Atom's foot out of the way, then flip over, kicking The Atom in the face, crashing him down onto the ground. Ant Man then gets up, jumps in the air, and smashes his fists down onto The Atom with immense force, resulting in the legs of the table they are fighting on to snap and break. The table falls over, resulting in Ant Man and The Atom to slide down the table, attempting to grab something. The Atom flies away, while Ant Man leaps off the table. Ant Man presses a button on his helmet.)

Ant Man: Time to call in some back up.

(The Atom begins to hear a buzzing, so he looks over and sees many flying Ants flying towards him out of the air vent.)

Atom: Holy crap, that's weird.

(The Atom enhances his mass and hook kicks an Ant in the face, sending it flying. The Atom falls to the ground, but he maintains balance and begins fighting off many Ants, one by one. He punches one Ant, sending it flying into a wall, then roundhouse kicks another, sending it flying into the air, crashing it into more Ants. The Atom then grabs an Ant and swings it around, crashing it into more Ants that are coming his way. The Atom then enhances the mass in his foot and slams his foot on the ground, causing one of the metal floor plates to fly in the air, sending all of the Ants on that plate to fly away. The Atom then grabs 2 Ants and smashes their heads together. Ant Man then suddenly runs to the side of The Atom, kicking him, senidng him crashing into a wall. Ant Man sends an entire army of Ants that overwhelm The Atom with sheer numbers. His arms and legs are bitten numerous times, while The Atom struggles to fend them off.)

Ant Man: Give up and i'll send them away.

Atom: Giving up isn't my style.

(The Atom leaps in the air and flies out of a window.)

Ant Man: Not the brightest idea.

(Ant Man jumps onto a flying Ant and flies after The Atom, with thousands of flying and crawling Ants pursuing The Atom alongside him. The Atom ascends into the sky, while Ant Man and his Ant army follow.)

Atom: This guy's persistent.

(The Atom stops and hovers, while Ant Man sends all of the flying Ants after him. The Atom then increases his mass and foot dives down through all of the Ants, smashing through them all. The Atom then reduces his mass and flies int the sky towards Ant Man, who dives off his flying Ant and falls towards The Atom. They both deliver a punch to the face simultaneously, resulting in the both of them flying away, crashing into trees with enough force that results in them reverting back to their normal size. They both get up and look at eachother. Ant Man pulls an Energy blade out of his tool belt, while The Atom retrieves his sword given to him by the Katarthans.)

Atom: Wanna make the first move?

Ant Man: My pleasure.

(Ant Man and The Atom run at eachother and engage in a sword fight. They clash their blades against one another's multiple times, but The Atom manages to slice Ant Man. He screams in pain, then shrinks down, dives beneath The Atom's legs, and grows back to normal, slashing The Atom's back simultaneously. The Atom spins around in an attempt to roundhouse kick Ant Man in the face, only for Ant Man to shrink down and swing his blade at The Atom's leg, only for The Atom to shrink down as well. The Atom falls down towards Ant Man, and their blades collide. They have a battle of strength, which is evenly matched for the most part, only for The Atom's strength to surpass Ant Man's, but due to Ant Man's superior blade, this results in both of their blades shattering. The Atom then quickly throws his sword handle at Ant Man, who leans away, only for the handle to explode, blowing Ant Man into a tree. The Atom smiles then runs over to a rock, which he shrinks down and throws at Ant Man. Ant Man looks at it in shock, only for his flying Ant from earlier to fly in the way and provide Ant Man with cover from the explosion, sacrificing itself for Ant Man.)

Atom: Well damn.

(Ant Man gets up.)

Ant Man: Screw it.

(Ant Man suddenly grows to a gigantic size, growing over 100 feet. The Atom stars up in awe.)

Atom: I'm so jealous right now.

(Ant Man slams his foot into the ground, tearing through the ground in an attempt to hit The Atom, while also sending debris flying every. The Atom flies away by reducing his mass, maneuvering around, evading the large rocks and debris. Ant Man continues to destroy the area, hoping he'll hit The Atom in the process. The Atom however, grows to normal size, and shrinks down many of the pieces of rubble Ant Man has created, then throws them at Ant Man. Ant Man is hit by exploding pieces of rubble piece after piece, resulting in Ant Man falling over, destroying The Atom's lab.)

Atom: Aw come on!

(The Atom flies towards Ant Man, who grows back to normal, where the 2 lunge at eachother. They trade many blows while they both simultaneously shrink down. They continue to shrink and punch eachother, only to the point of them becoming so small they enter the Microverse. The 2 are seen barely standing and they look around.)

Atom: Whoa.

Ant Man: To think this fight would lead to here.

(The Atom lunges at Ant Man and throws a punch, only for Ant Man to dodge his punch and knee him in the gut. Ant Man throws multiple punches, then spin kicks him in the face, knocking him onto the ground. The Atom then quickly uppercuts Ant Man, knocking him back onto the ground. The Atom runs towards Ant Man, who sweep kicks The Atom, knocking him over, allowing Ant Man to crawl on top of The Atom and grab his neck, where he snaps it, killing The Atom. Ant Man then breathes heavily and falls down, exhausted.)

Winner=Ant Man

Reason: These characters both had advantages that allowed them to get the drop on the other character. For example, when shrunken down or at normal size, The Atom's mass manipulation grants him superior strength to Ant Man, allowing him to deliver more brutal blows. The Atom's molecular instability ability when he shrinks other objects also allows him to deliver some more devastating attacks on Ant Man.The Atom also possesses superior swordplay, but that's where his advantages stop. Ant Man is the better fighter, having been trained in more forms of combat by Captain America himself. So while The Atom has the better strength, Ant Man has the better fighting capability to make up for that, allowing him to land more blows. Quantity over Quality. Ant Man's insect control also gives Ant Man an entire army at his disposal. He can easily overwhelm The Atom with the amount of Ants he can control, which will tire The Atom out before Ant Man gets tired out, giving Ant Man more of an advantage, and don't even get me started on Ant Man's growing capabilities. The Atom would have to grow to normal size in order to deal any damage at all to Ant Man when he is giant, but that leaves him vulnerable, and as a giant, Ant Man can easily devastate the area at random until he hits The Atom, which won't be that hard. The winner goes to Ant Man.


The Prince of all Saiyans!
The Prince of all Saiyans!



Hello everybody, I hope all who read this enjoyed it, and if you have any other suggestions, please leave them down below. See you next time :)


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