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With the future movies that DC has announced (Justice League Part One, Green Lantern Corps, etc.) and the characters that Marvel has taken back (Ghost Rider, Blade, Spiderman), there are several characters that I want to see be brought back onto the big screen, and be seen in live-action for the first time. Here are 3 actors that I would love to see chosen for some of Marvel and DC's coolest characters:

Charlie Hunnam for Green Arrow & Ghost Rider
Charlie Hunnam for Green Arrow & Ghost Rider

My first choice is Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy, Crimson Peak, Pacific Rim), the English actor who's been making waves in Hollywood the last few years due his character Jax Teller in "Sons of Anarchy", and Raleigh Becket in "Pacific Rim". As Hunnam is rising up in the ranks of Hollywood stardom, there are 2 characters I think he'd be perfect for: Ghost Rider and Green Arrow.

- For Ghost Rider, I think he'd be perfect as Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch because of his fictional experience with "biker" characters, and his real-life admiration for motorcycles. He can also really pull off the tortured character Johnny Blaze who made a deal with the devil, and now fights the forces of darkness as the Ghost Rider. Also, Hunnam is at a good age where he could compete with Charlie Cox as Daredevil, and Jon Bernthal as Punisher, and a Ghost Rider show on Netflix would be super intense and even scary because the character does fight a lot of demons, both internal & external.

- Although I'm a huge Marvel fan, I'd be even more excited to see Hunnam play Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow. Now for those who have/haven't seen the show "Arrow" on CW, Stephen Amell does a great job as Oliver Queen, but I say the show proves that Green Arrow is a total rip-off of Batman. Charlie Hunnam would be perfect to play the emerald archer because he's got the looks, build, and he'd look awesome fighting alongside Batman and the other heroes in the DCCU (DC Cinematic Universe), and he's within everyone's age range too! So they could write Green Arrow as an experienced hero, maybe even retired like Batman. Hunnam would be a great way to make Green Arrow a little more original and would have good comedic comebacks towards the JL and would make good commentary on their power over the world.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Moon Knight & Guy Gardner (GL)
Jake Gyllenhaal as Moon Knight & Guy Gardner (GL)

Jake Gyllenhaal (End of Watch, Nightcrawler, Prisoners) is such a great actor and has been cast in some of my favorite movies within the past few years. He plays such a wide variety of characters I'm surprised Marvel or DC haven't gone to him yet, or Gyllenhaal hasn't said anything about possible roles. With the darker Marvel characters making their debut on Netflix, and DC going for a darker and more serious universe, Gyllenhaal is the perfect actor to play Moon Knight and Guy Gardner, one of the best Green Lanterns.

- Marc Spector (Moon Knight) is a mercenary/U.S. Marine/heavyweight boxer who fights crime against human villains (Bullseye) and villains with supernatural powers (Black Spectre, the Werewolf, etc.). Since the Daredevil show balances the villains with/without powers and manages to be dark, Moon Knight would be perfect to partner up with Daredevil (and has in the comics) and would be great to see with Blade, Punisher, and the other Marvel Knights. Gyllenhaal would be perfect for this badass role, especially since he's played a soldier (Jarhead) and boxer (Southpaw).

- Guy Gardner is one of the Green Lanterns to fight with the JL and isn't liked much amongst the other 3 human Green Lanterns (Stewart, Jordan, and Rayner). He makes a lot of jokes and can be immature in the comics, but goes on to become the leader of the Red Lantern Corps, who use the power of anger. Gyllenhaal would be good comic relief and has had a lot of great scenes in movies where he goes off on a rampage (End of Watch, Prisoners, Nightcrawler) and I think he'd be awesome alongside Chris Pine if he is going to be cast as Hal Jordan in the DCCU.

Taron Egerton as Arsenal & Agent Venom
Taron Egerton as Arsenal & Agent Venom

Taron Egerton is a young up-and-coming actor who did a great job in [Kingsman: The Secret Service](tag:713143) as the main character. In that film he's proven that he can do action, be a serious actor, and can be pretty funny. For my final choice I think Egerton would be perfect for the characters Arsenal (Red Arrow/Speedy) and Agent Venom (Flash Thompson).

- Arsenal is like the robin for Green Arrow, in which he was trained and fought with him, then goes off on his own to be his own here, and in the new comics he fights alongside Jason Todd (Red Hood). Taron Egerton would be awesome to be Arsenal because he's not too young, and would be badass alongside with Charlie Hunnam if he was ever casted as Green Arrow. Plus Taron Egerton can pull off all the action scenes, and can be a gritty (somewhat trashy) character.

- Agent Venom is one of my favorite characters that I really want to see since Spiderman will be making his debut into the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Flash Thompson used to bully Parker in school, but they became friends, and he then became a marine, but lost his legs in the war. However, Thompson comes into contact with the symbiote and then becomes Agent Venom who fights with the Thunderbolts and Guardians of the Galaxy. Even though the Tom Holland (19, Spiderman) is about 6 years younger in real-life to Taron Egerton (26), Marvel can make some changes about how Flash Thompson and Peter Parker met and became friends. Agent Venom would also be a great character to have his own movie, or be apart of the new Spiderman films, and even go on to become a Guardian with Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon. With Egerton's comedic and action talents, he'd be a fantastic contribution to Marvel and DC.

Let me know what you guys think about these choices and who'd you rather see them play in Marvel or DC!


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