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American Horror Story: Hotel has begun filming scenes this week! I am so excited to hear that it will not have any musical numbers in it. I think it's the best news that I've heard regarding this season so far. Not that I didn't appreciate hearing Bowie songs or Nirvana or Fiona Apple last season, because I do like the songs, but did they really add anything to the Freak Show '50s vibe? No, no they did not.

This season could - if the writers decide to stick to a well-developed plot that makes us feel more involved with the characters, like in Murder House and Asylum - be a lot of fun to watch. Murder House and Asylum are my favorite seasons so far because they were well-developed and had interesting characters. They were also psychologically terrifying and I love that from my horror.

The Cast

Yes, it's going to be weird without Jessica Lange in the season at first, but really, her characters haven't changed much throughout the series and the cast that we have is very impressive. I mean, holy shit, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Finn Wittrock, Denis O'Hare, Wes Bentley, Richard T. Jones, Cheyenne Jackson, Matt Bomer and Chloe Sevigny all in one show? Yes, please. Lily Rabe has also been announced today as part of the cast and she will be playing a serial killer. All of these actors are capable of bringing complex characters to life. I think Lady Gaga is capable too, she loves frightening things, so I trust her. I mean, she even contacted Ryan Murphy asking to be evil. Go at it writers, make up some disturbed characters that will remain with us like Tate Langdon and Bloody Face!

A whole lot of horror
A whole lot of horror

What We Know

Something that I love about American Horror Story is that we never really know much of anything about a season. Sure, they reveal bits and pieces about the theme and the characters, but not much. What we know right now is the following:

It's Gonna Scare You

I swear he said the same for Freak Show, which yeah, it had its moments, but I don't think it was the scariest. Actually, I think Murder House scared me the most. I was always creeped out by my basement in the house I grew up in and it was an old house. The house itself was nice, but that basement was awful. There was a crawlspace and it was never finished. This was due to a building error back in the '50s-'60s. It still gives me nightmares sometimes, so Murder House really connected with what scares me. The unknown lurking in a dark basement. Also, I heard real screaming from a different situation and thought it was part of Murder House, so that freaked me out pretty bad. Police situations in high rise apartments happen sometimes, but everyone ended up being ok.

That's not to say that Bloody Face didn't scare me, because he did, but those are for different reasons. To say he doesn't scare you is a lie. If his deranged mommy issues or strange choices in decorating didn't scare you, then I'm sure his hidden basement torture area and skinning masks did.

Dr. Arden was a creepy ass, too. His innocence fetish was super weird. His frankenstein monster experiments made me think "wtf" all of the time. What he did to Shelley and the fake Anne Frank were absolutely terrifying, but in different ways. That scene where Shelley is crawling up those stairs at the playground scared the hell out of me. Also, Anne Frank's Stepford Wives scene where she's all fake and happy like a robot for her husband is unsettling to watch.

I'm wondering what they will come up with this season to scare us. I mean, the possibilities are endless. As long as it isn't too much because fear isn't necessarily about trying to hard, it's more of a build up of psychological terror that is memorable in the horror genre. At least, in my opinion, that makes for better horror.

The Characters

Not much has been said about the characters, except for Lady Gaga's character, the names of some characters, and that most characters are going to be bad. Also, Sarah Paulson's character is finally going to die this season. Somehow, she's survived Murder House, Asylum, Coven, and Freak Show. That's pretty impressive, but it will be fun to see something new.

Lady Gaga's character is going to be involved with fashion and like I said earlier, she's going to be evil. Let's hope she isn't planning to use strange materials to make clothing, like Dr. Thredson did to make lamps and bowls...

As for the names of characters, we know that Sarah Paulson is Hypodermic Sally, Kathy Bates is Iris, Angela Bassett is Ramona, Evan Peters is Mr. March, Matt Bomer is Donovan, and Richard T. Jones will be playing Detective Hahn. That's all that we know about the characters thus far. I think Sarah Paulson will be taking over the 'big bad' role from Jessica Lange this season, so maybe she is murdered and that's what the detective will be there for.

Excited for Hotel?

Are you looking forward to the upcoming season of AHS? I think it's going to be a fun season and I hope it will be creepy enough to impress me. Fall TV is right around the corner.


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