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Nicholas Havard

I know I'm about 18 years late reviewing this film, but what the heck? Having just viewed it, I gotta say, I laughed my a*s off. From the wacky clothes to the parody names (Allotta Fagina) I had a ball with the first Austin Powers movie.

Mike Myers successfully delivered a great spoof of James Bond via his over the top womanizer act. A great performance...seriously. You can tell Mike Myers made Austin Powers his own despite being based off Bond. From his mannerisms to his delivery of his one-liners, Mike Myers brings this goofball to life. Other things I liked were Dr. Evil, the humor(duh), and the sheer fact that this was a spoof that I could actually sit through. The only other spoof that I liked was Spaceballs, and that one spoofed my second favorite trilogy of all time. Now the humor in the film truly will only entertain some people. I personally enjoy slapstick(when it actually is entertaining). Yet, I also know lots of people that prefer subtle humor in the deliverance of dialogue. While I personally prefer slapstick to subtle chuckle worthy dialogue, I understand if people dislike Austin Powers for the sheer fact that it's mostly slapstick.

Now is Austin Powers a perfect film? Hhhhheeeeeelllll no. In regards to what didn't work in the movie, I thought it did start off pretty slow and the execution seemed a little choppy. Another gripe was that a lot of the actors seemed serviceable. That is to say that their performances, while good in all of their over-the-top-ness, seemed a bit flat. Everyone that wasn't Mike Myers was pretty meh.

It almost seems to be a general rule to cut comedies some slack when reviewing them because they aren't there to deliver powerful messages and clever twists. They are here to make us laugh. My review may be short, but that's because I feel like after 18 years, everything that could be said about Austin Powers has already been said. In short, if you like slapstick and over the top spoofs (which I do) then you'll enjoy Austin Powers.


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