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Of all of the upcoming comic book movies within the next few years, without a doubt, the one that has me the most excited is Suicide Squad. The idea of a bunch of supervillains joining forces to help save the world against their will is intriguing and original. To see how Warner Bros and DC are handling it is very exciting (Especially if you watched that fantastic trailer). But, with all of their suicide missions, not all of the members are bound to make it out alive (as is a prominent feature in the comic books). So, who's gonna make it? Here are my ideas of the likelihood of all of the (confirmed) main characters surviving the film.

11.) Slipknot

Of all of the Squad members, none is more unknown and expendable than Slipknot. Even in the trailer, he is only seen once and for about a second or two. There is no way he's making it out of the second act alive.

Probability of Death: 10/10

10.) El Diablo

I'll admit it. El Diablo is so low on this list solely because I don't know that much about it. He's not as big a character as many of the others on this list, but seems to have an important role in the film, which could lead to an emotional death that wakes up the Squad to the danger of whatever it is that they're facing.

Probability of Death: 7/10

9.) Killer Croc

Killer Croc is a prominent Batman villain, which places him this high on the list. Batman is going to be a key player in the DCEU moving forward and taking out one of his villains so early in the game is unlikely, but not unheard of. Zod is one of Superman's primary enemies and he was killed in the very first DCEU movie. I could see them taking the same route as they did with King Shark in Assault on Arkham and having him killed. It could go either way

Probability of Death: 7/10

8.) Katana

She's not going down without a fight
She's not going down without a fight

Even though Katana is a popular and pretty important character, she may very well die in this movie. She is a highly skilled warrior, but there are forces out there more powerful than herself. If she does die, however, I see it as a close third act death.

Probability of Death: 6/10

7.) Rick Flagg

Rick Flagg seems to be the only member of the Suicide Squad that wasn't previously imprisoned, as he is in command of the military joining the Squad. He and Deadshot have had troubles fighting about which is the alpha male and that could very well come back to bite him, but it's unlikely. He's a pretty important character in the comics and I don't see him dying in the first movie.

Probability of Death: 5/10

6.) Captain Boomerang

You know what they say about the crazy ones...
You know what they say about the crazy ones...

Captain Boomerang is a good source of comic relief (differing from The Joker's style of comedy) for the Squad while at the same time being a total Jackass (which at times plays into the comedy), which was expertly done in Assault on Arkham. I could also see see Boomerang being underused in the film, but given his time to shine if there is a sequel. He could also pop up in The Flash's movie and DC could have their cinematic (or extended) universe more connected and cohesive. I don't believe that they'd give up such a chance this early in the game, but his constant complaints (if they go the Assault on Arkham route) could end up turning the audience on him and getting him killed.

Probability of Death: 5/10

5.) Enchantress

She's gonna give the Squad a run for their money
She's gonna give the Squad a run for their money

Enchantress is one of DC's most powerful and compelling characters. It seems as though her origin will be explored in the movie based on the trailer along with Harley Quinn's and Deadshot's. I don't see a reason that someone's origins would be explored in a film and be made such a big deal of (There are rumors circulating stating that obtaining the Enchantress is the Squad's first mission) if that character was just to be killed off.

Probability of Death: 3/10

4.) Deadshot

Will Smith as Headshot? Trying not to judge here...
Will Smith as Headshot? Trying not to judge here...

Deadshot seems to be one of the main focal points of the film, even having his origins told, as it appears in the trailer. He is one of the most important members of the team in the comics and his story is compelling enough to keep him going for many movies (He stays with the Squad, wanting to go out with a bang, rather than returning to his daughter, which he knows is what's keeping her safe, even though that's where he really wants to be). That, coupled with the sheer star power of Will Smith is sure to keep Deadshot alive and kicking for a long time.

Probability of Death: 2/10

3.) Amanda Waller

Amanda "The Wall" Waller is one of the toughest females in comic book history and can even stand up to the likes of Batman and Superman without so much as a flinch. She is the one responsible for assembling and controlling the Suicide Squad. She is their leader and is not at all easily replaced. Without her there is no Squad, but she could possibly act as DC's Nick Fury and not be needed 100% for the team to operate, although that is very highly unlikely.

Probability of Death: 1/10

2.) Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn was undoubtedly the star of the Suicide Squad trailer and is one of pop culture's most beloved icons. Her origin story is going to be told in the movie and her relationship with The Joker is most definitely going to be explored. With all of the hard work and dedication from DC and Warner Bros being put into this character coupled with the fact that fans have been dying to see Harley in live action since before the Nolan Trilogy, there is no way that she would bite the dust in this movie.

Probability of Death: 0.5/10

1.) The Joker

I'm just gonna hurt ya... really, really bad...
I'm just gonna hurt ya... really, really bad...

The Joker is arguably DC's greatest and most popular and enduring villain of all time and this is his live action debut. Aside from that, Batman has a really, really small role in the film and if he dies, then you only have those few scenes of the pair together. Joker is Batman's arch nemesis and without him, the Batman movie(s) will fail. DC isn't that stupid. They know how much weight Joker carries in the DC universe and wouldn't just use him in one film. He may appear to die at the end of the film, but trust me, JOKER IS NOT GOING TO DIE IN THIS MOVIE!

Probability of Death: 0/10


Who's going to die in Suicide Squad?


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